Heart Of Gold: Vikas Khanna Offers To Design The Signboard Of The Humble Eatery ‘Pet Ki Baat’

We started our Bandra food trail with our first stop at Pet Ki Baat.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Heart Of Gold: Vikas Khanna Offers To Design The Signboard Of The Humble Eatery ‘Pet Ki Baat’

Interviewing Vikas Khanna in the lanes of Bandra East meant an exciting day filled with laughter, good food and loads of conversation! This is exactly how our Tere Gully Mein episode with the renowned Chef, Vikas Khanna, was. Our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, had a couple of food suggestions for Vikas. As a true Amritsari boy, he picked out Pocket Kulcha from these recommendations and that’s where our food trail started.

Vikas Khanna Relished Pocket Kulcha At Pet Ki Baat In Bandra

We had a perfect place on our minds for a delicious plate of pocket kulcha with Chef Vikas. Little did we know that he knew the owner of the food joint, Pet Ki Baat. Kamiya was surprised upon realising this. He also knew about the owner’s struggles in raising children who suffer from a muscular disability.

On the brighter side, both Vikas and the owner were elated to see each other and he constantly showered her with love and affection. He told us that one of his friends who lived nearby told him about Pet Ki Baat, hence, he was familiar with it. He was curious about her homemade masala, chole and ingredients and talked to her about them.

She lovingly served Kamiya and Vikas each a plate of pocket kulcha with loads of cheese. Vikas even asked her to feed the kulcha to him with her loving hands and she readily did so!

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He Offered To Design And Upgrade Her Signboard!

Vikas Khanna
Photo Credits: Internal

We said our goodbyes to the owner of Pet Ki Baat when Vikas offered to design her a new signboard. He talked about upgrading the older one with a new poster showcasing her pictures along with a couple of snaps of the food items. Upon hearing this, she sweetly agreed and posed for the camera. “Baat toh hum karne aye the Pet Ki Baat, par baat yaha dil ki baat ho gayi,” he said after leaving the place.

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Catch this wholesome and sweet moment by clicking on the video linked above.

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