Heatwave Alert: IMD Warns Of Scorching Temperatures In Northwest, Flash Floods Threaten Coastal Regions!

Here are the latest updates from the India Meteorological Department.

by Mallika Khurana
Heatwave Alert: IMD Warns Of Scorching Temperatures In Northwest, Flash Floods Threaten Coastal Regions!

A new spell of scorching heat is on the horizon for northwestern India, slated to kick off from June 9 as warned by the India Meteorological Department. Brace yourselves, folks! Alongside this forecast, the IMD also cautioned about flash floods in certain areas. Coastal Karnataka, Kerala, Konkan, and Goa might witness the deluge within the next 24 hours owing to heavy rainfall.

IMD’s Heatwave Warning For Northwestern India

flash flood
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Over the next five days, heatwaves will continue in Uttar Pradesh, northeastern Madhya Pradesh, and eastern and east-central India. Meanwhile, there will be a lot of rain in Maharashtra, the north interior of Karnataka, and the coastal regions. Between June 8 and June 11, Maharashtra may even encounter sporadic, intense downpours. According to Hindustan Times, Karnataka may also experience them between June 8 and June 9.

On Friday, the IMD issued a second warning, this time about the possibility of flash floods in the next 24 hours in Konkan, Goa, Kerala, and coastal Karnataka. Watch out because some low-lying areas may experience inundation and surface runoff as a result of the predicted rainfall.

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 India Braces For Sweltering Temperatures

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Now let us discuss temperatures. In many areas of eastern Uttar Pradesh, northern Madhya Pradesh, and western Uttar Pradesh, temperatures are expected to range between 42 and 45 degrees Celsius. In addition, certain areas in Bihar, Delhi, Gujarat, and Haryana are seeing temperatures that are 2-4°C higher than average, as per the Hindustan Times reports. Heatwaves are also becoming noticeable in some isolated areas of eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Speaking of Friday’s highs, we saw them in southern south-eastern Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, southern Uttar Pradesh, and southwestern Bihar. These locations recorded maximum temperatures ranging from 43 to 46 degrees. The differences between these readings and the norm were 2-4 degrees. The highest temperature recorded was 45.8 degrees Celsius, set in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, taking first place.

According to Hindustan Times reports, the southwest monsoon has expanded into areas of southern Maharashtra, Telangana, southern Chhattisgarh, and southern Odisha, as well as the central Arabian Sea. It also plans to advance over the next two to three days into Telangana, additional portions of Maharashtra (including the busy metropolis of Mumbai), and the remaining portions of the central Arabian Sea.

Looks like rainy days are ahead!

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