Here’s How Shweta Tiwari Reacted When She Heard Her Daughter’s 10th Percentage

by Mallika Khurana
Here’s How Shweta Tiwari Reacted When She Heard Her Daughter’s 10th Percentage

It takes a lot of effort to make a name for yourself in the Bollywood industry. The audience only truly loves a select few performers. Although neo-kids may have more opportunities, their long-term success is entirely dependent on their talent and diligence. Celebrity youngster Palak Tiwari declares her identity as a hybrid. In this episode of Tere Gully Mein, Palak Tiwari and Arohi Thatte investigated Mahavir Nagar, one of Kandivali’s most well-known Khaugallis. 

Palak Talked About Shweta Tiwari Reacting To Her 10th-Grade Result

Shree Ram is Palak Tiwari’s favourite chaat spot because she adores street food so much. In high school, she and her friend discovered this location and became frequent customers. She claimed that unhygienic food is the tastiest and that she prefers delicious chaat. And, who wouldn’t? We are all die-hard lovers of pani puri, samosas, aloo tikki, and more. When it comes to chaat, hygiene is the last thing that comes to our mind. All we care about is enticing flavours.

Finally, we went to Jungle Juice for some tropical fruit shots and it was amazing. Before we started devouring some, Palak Tiwari mentioned that she had achieved a grade point average of 85% on her tenth board exam. Additionally, she mentioned that her mother, the well-known actress Shweta Tiwari, believed she would become an astronaut. She must have been a proud mama!

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She Has A Typical Desi Mother

Palak Tiwari Tere Gully Mein
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Next, Palak discussed how people think her mother is the coolest. She makes it clear that this is not true at all, though. According to the actress, her mother prevents her from overspending on shopping, just like a typical desi mother. Probably, we have all been there. She added that the OTP would still reach her mother’s phone whenever she attempted to make a purchase.

When we asked Palak how she felt about living in Kandivali since most people would choose to live in South Bombay or Bandra, she responded with a smile that she was very happy and proud to be a Kandivali resident. She adores the food and greenery there. 

Palak Tiwari shared a lot more about her life in Mumbai, and you must head to the episode to know all about it!

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