Here’s How To Make Healthy Paneer Sandwich At Home

by Vinita Jain
Here’s How To Make Healthy Paneer Sandwich At Home

Sandwich is the most versatile food which can be had during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Sandwiches are convenient to make any time of the day.  However, to be specific, you can try making healthy paneer sandwiches as well. Paneer Sandwich is an easy, light, nutritious, and delicious snack recipe. This dish can be twisted and turned in many different ways to create exciting meals for your loved ones. Check out some of the healthy and delicious recipes for paneer sandwiches, here.

1. HomeCookingShow

Paneer Sandwich is an easy snack recipe that doubles as a lunch box recipe. Here’s a quick recipe for a grilled paneer sandwich shared by HomeCookingShow.

2. Skinny Recipes

Check out this recipe for a high poteen paneer sandwich. This weight-loss sandwich has a filling of shredded cottage cheese, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

3. Foods and Flavors

Try out this recipe for paneer sandwiches which can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This is a quick recipe that is made in 5-7 minutes.

4. Hebbars Kitchen

Hebbars Kitchen brings a quick recipe for a paneer sandwich. If you love veggies then this recipe is for you. This colorful paneer sandwich contains carrots, corns, capsicum, and coriander.

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5. Nisha Madhulika

A Paneer sandwich is a savior when it comes to having something healthy, and tasty. Try out this recipe for Paneer Sandwich shared by Nisha Madhulika.

6.  Nisa Honey

Here’s a quick and healthy recipe for a low-calorie Paneer sandwich. Also, check out the recipe for the mint chutney that goes best with the sandwich.

7. Zaika Dilli 6

Samina Karimi brings the kid’s favorite lunchbox recipe for a healthy and crispy paneer sandwich.

8. HomeCookingShow

Hema Subramanian shares one more paneer sandwich recipe. This one also includes tri-color bell peppers, onions, mashed paneer, coriander, and green chillis. Skip on the cheese slice to make your paneer sandwich healthy.

9. Flavours Of Food

Flavors Of Foods brings up the recipe for a flavorful, colorful, and protein-full recipe for a grilled paneer sandwich.

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10. My Sunshinesz

You’re on your weight loss diet but craving something filling, tasty, and healthy. Then this recipe for paneer sandwich shared by My Sunshinesz got you covered.

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