Here’s How To Not Gain Weight While Eating Out

by Kritika Kukreja
Here’s How To Not Gain Weight While Eating Out

People on diet often avoid going out or while on vacations or in gatherings because of fear of eating unhealthy or by fear of getting something offered which is out of their diet syllabus. However this doesn’t means giving up fully on your social life as there are ways to eat healthy while out.

Why follow a strict diet while you can make healthy changes in your diet according to your food preferences. Expert nutritionist, Kejal Sheth from Nutrivity suggests, the food at restaurants/gatherings won’t be healthier like home but we can make them a little guilt-free by following these tips – 

1. Order A Well Proportioned Plate

While ordering something or choosing, order a well-proportioned plate which includes almost all of the food groups like cereals, proteins, dairy, nuts, fruits, vegetables, etc.

2. Avoid Masalas

Avoid all the chatpata items like papads, chips, pickles and fried foods on the siders.

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3. Avoid Aerated Drinks

Definitely avoid aerated drinks as it contains nothing but sugar & empty calories. Instead have iced tea/ fruit infused waters/green tea/fresh juices.

4. Avoid Red Meat

Avoid red meats and choose dishes with fish as fish is more healthy and it contains omega 3 fatty acid.

5. Desserts In Small Portions

You don’t have to skip the dessert, instead have sorbets or frozen yogurts, parfaits, or one small piece of any sweet you enjoy.

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6. Avoid Heavy Items

Avoid butter, cream, fried foods choose tandoor, baked, grilled, poached instead.

7. Steamed Foods Are The Best

Add steamed foods, less oil, fresh vegetables and fruits, etc to your plate.

8. Avoid Additives

Keep it simple, avoid all additives that are usually used.

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9. Ask For Salads

Ask for salad for siders rather than French fries or peanuts.

10. Inquire About Your Dish

There is no harm in asking about the dish that you order, about how it is prepared and quality of oil which is used.

11. Watch Your Intake

Watch your portion size, use small plate – your mind will consider as a full plate.

12. Make It Colourful

The more colours are there in your plate the more nutritious it is

*This post was submitted by guest user and nutritionist –  Kejal Sheth*  

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