Here’s How Vijay Varma Punned On ‘Sai Bhaji’, A Popular Sindhi Dish

by Mallika Khurana
Here’s How Vijay Varma Punned On ‘Sai Bhaji’, A Popular Sindhi Dish

When it comes to success, talent is your most effective weapon, and there is hardly anyone who would deny that. The recent success of Vijay Varma, a man of sheer talent, further adds to our statement. Particularly since his outstanding performance in the film Darlings, he has gained a great deal of fame and praise. Alongside our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani and Sonakshi Sinha, his co-star from the movie Dahaad, Vijay, made an appearance on this special Sunday Brunch episode. Watch this thrilling episode right away!

This Is How Vijay Varma Guessed Sai Bhaji’s Main Ingredient

We made the decision to test their knowledge of one another’s cuisines in order to make our conversation with them more engaging. Vijay has roots in Rajasthan, whereas Sonakshi is of Sindhi descent. They were required to identify the key components of some dishes from other cuisines in order to demonstrate their knowledge. 

After a few small cues, Vijay correctly identified spinach as one of the ingredients for Sai Bhaji, and then referred to it as palak from Shirdi. We then asked Sonakshi to list the components of the dal, bati, and churma. When she was unable to, Vijay shocked us with the information he knew about preparing this typical Rajasthani dish.

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He Loves To Travel To These Destinations

Vijay and Sonakshi
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Travellust is Vijay Varma’s passion that he acquired as a result of his curiosity and desire to encounter various cultures. Exploring historical sites, visiting museums, and discovering local customs and traditions were all pursuits that truly captivated him. Vijay enjoys exploring a place beyond its typical tourist attractions because he is fascinated by history.

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When asked about his favourite travel destinations, he says Goa is one of them because of its proximity to Mumbai. Even though his trip to Shillong, Meghalaya, was a wonderful one, Rajasthan continues to be his favourite place to travel. Vijay Varma genuinely enjoys living in the state due to its diversity and vibrant culture. He gets more out of his travels by interacting with people from different backgrounds and learning about their perspectives. 

Visit the full video to learn more about Vijay Varma and his passion for food!

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