Here’s What You Should Do If You Lose Your Passport In The UAE

by Deeplata Garde
Here’s What You Should Do If You Lose Your Passport In The UAE

Losing your passport is the worst. Because it raises the most fundamental worry, how do you get back home? But don’t worry, every problem has a solution, and so does this. So if you were to, God forbid, face this situation, first try not to panic. Take a deep breath. And when you’re done searching every nook and cranny, and you know for sure it’s lost, here’s the guide to simple things you must do in such cases.

Apply For An Exit Permit If You Lose Passport In The UAE

Residents of the UAE who have misplaced their passports can request a departure permit through the ICP or GDRFA. If Dubai did not issue your visa, you must request an exit permit through ICP, either online or at one of its service centres. But, if your visa was specifically approved in Dubai, you would need to apply for a departure permit at a GDRFA service centre. The documentation and application for obtaining an exit permit via ICP or GDRFA are identical.

Important Documents To Issue The Permit

  1. Embassy or consulate-issued passport or travel document
  2. A police report of a lost letter.
  3. A duplicate of the airline ticket
  4. The applicant’s two personal photographs
  5. You’ll also need to get a travel document from your consulate.
  6. Before filing for an exit permit, check with your country’s consulate.

Cost For Exit Permit Online And At GDRFA Centre

If you live in Dubai, you should apply for an exit permit with the GDRFA. You need to apply it at a GDRFA service centre or an Amer centre. Following is the price structure of the application.

Online Fees: Request fees-Dh100, Issuance fees- Dh100, Electronic service fee- Dh50

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GDRFA Centre: Service fee- Dh200, Collection commission- Dh50 for companies, Dh15 for individuals, Transaction fees- Dh20 per transaction, Application submission through AMER Center- Dh100

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