Get Furniture At Cheap Prices In Delhi’s CR Park

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Get Furniture At Cheap Prices In Delhi’s CR Park

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Are you a hoarder of goods and furniture for your house? Here’s a place to fuel that obsession with furniture and decor taken out in CR Park of Delhi.

What Is It?

Abhishek Chaudhry found a way to get into the business with these embassy goods, being left behind by the expats and decided to sell these out by posting the available items on social media. He uploads pictures of the goods going on sale on Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

He keeps all these goods in a warehouse in CR Park and sells them off at cheaper prices, 40 percent cheaper than the market price. It caters to customers from people looking to rent cheap stuff or housewives and couples looking to buy cheap furniture.

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What’s In It?

There are goods from plush sofas, coffee tables, chairs, strollers, musical instruments, gadgets, appliances, tables and study desks. That’s not it, they’re even selling cars at budget-friendly prices!

To buy these goods, you’d have to first book it with a small token before it runs out of sale. Update their WhatsApp group to book and pick it up anytime from the warehouse.

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Visit their Facebook page here to be updated.

Phone: 9555935935