Here’s Why Atul Kulkarni Doesn’t Believe In Maharashtrian Food; Says Only Puran Poli Isn’t Maharashtrian

by Ankita Mazumdar
Here’s Why Atul Kulkarni Doesn’t Believe In Maharashtrian Food; Says Only Puran Poli Isn’t Maharashtrian

Atul Kulkarni is the master of his craft and his skill set is mind-blowing! He is an outstanding actor, director and screenplay writer. He has bagged two National Awards for Best Supporting Actor for the films – Chandni Bar and Hey Ram. If you like following his journey then check out our Tere Gully Mein episode with him, where he joined us in exploring Girgaon. He went on to explain that Puran Poli isn’t actually a Maharashtrian food item. Then, he also talked about why he generally doesn’t believe in Maharashtrian food, check out to know why.

Atul Kulkarni Doesn’t Believe In Maharashtrian Food

Atul Kulkarni has Maharashtrian blood running in his veins. We couldn’t let this episode of Tere Gully Mein go without gorging on authentic and delish Maharashtrian food from Sujata Upahar Gruha. So we went on to ask him where he has had the best Maharashtrian food in the whole wide state. To our surprise, he replied to us, “According to me, there is nothing called Maharashtrian food.”

He goes on to explain that Maharashtra is like a big piece of land consisting of three to four countries. So wherever you go in Maharashtra, the food changes and the taste is distinct. Along the same lines Atul said, “It is according to me a wrong notion that Puran Poli is Maharashtrian.” He continued, “You go to Vidarbha, it’s a different food. It is Maharashtra, so it is a Maharashtrian food.”

Atul Kulkarni added that Konkan, the entire coastal area has a completely different style of food. The Malvani masala becomes different from the northern part of Konkan. Similarly, Marathwada is distinct in its flavours as well. Therefore, Atul Kulkarni doesn’t consider Maharashtrian Food as one entity. The state has multiple delicious dishes considering the region you are in. He sums it up by saying, “So there is nothing as Maharashtrian food.”

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He Doesn’t Like This Maharashtrian Street Food

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Everyone is well aware that Vada Pav is the staple street food of Maharashtra. The working class of Maharashtra literally lives on Vada Pav and cutting chai but again we were surprised to find that Atul completely doesn’t vibe with Vada Pav. To add to that he doesn’t like Pav Bhaji as well.  He said that he honestly hates both of them.

We would like to sideline this fact about him and focus on the fact that he loves other Maharashtrian food and is well aware of them. Atul is even aware of the history of Vada Pav and shared that knowledge with us; to learn about it watch the entire video. On the other hand, he has tried every weird food item when he travels abroad and even enjoyed them.

He told us that he doesn’t like missing out on the local delicacies of the new places he is visiting because that makes him feel true to the place. So, he has tried largely everything from kangaroos in Australia to frog legs in Budapest. We would suggest the same, when travelling to a new place, never skip out on their authentic local delicacies.

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Comment down below what all the great Maharashtrian food you have indulged in. Which food restaurants you will recommend to us?

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