Here’s Why Hotels Serve Complimentary Breakfast & Not Lunch Or Dinner

by Sanjana Shenoy
Here’s Why Hotels Serve Complimentary Breakfast & Not Lunch Or Dinner

The best part about staying in a hotel is the complimentary breakfast, right? Just the thought of starting your morning with a wholesome breakfast buffet spread of Indian and Continental cuisines would just leave you drooling. But have you ever wished you could enjoy a complimentary dinner or lunch at a hotel? Why do hotels just serve complimentary breakfast and not lunch or dinner? Well, read on to know the mystery behind this.

Free Breakfast Entices Travellers To Book Hotel Stay

Without further ado, let’s get straight into why we enjoy complimentary breakfasts in hotels. The reason behind it is that the hotel industry is well aware that Indians love their food. They bond over food and food plays a very important part in our lives, irrespective of which region we come from. So, a complimentary breakfast is offered by hotels to entice travellers to book stays with them. A satisfying breakfast is a guaranteed way to encourage travellers to repeatedly book their stay with them.

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Ensure Customers Don’t Tour City On Empty Stomach

The next reason behind a complimentary breakfast is that it might be difficult for travellers to locate restaurants and eateries that are open in the wee hours of the morning. In order to prevent travellers from embarking on sightseeing tours and travelling on an empty stomach, hotels ensure a breakfast platter is available for free. With a delicious free breakfast, customers are also enticed to pay and try out the dinner and lunch at the hotel as well. It’s an added benefit for the hotel.