Highlands Of Dubai To Welcome A Waterfall Attraction, Dh46m Project Is Under Construction

by Deeplata Garde
Highlands Of Dubai To Welcome A Waterfall Attraction, Dh46m Project Is Under Construction

In the United Arab Emirates, the emirate of Dubai has an interior outpost called Hatta. Its sovereignty was changed from an Omani province to Dubai sometime between 1850. Being a tourist spot, Hatta is usually flocked with crowds. A new attraction is set to increase tourists to the highlands of Dubai. The mountains will soon be home to a waterfall.

Waterfall Amidst The Mountains

The Hajar Mountains completely encircle Hatta, which can be accessed by automobile from Dubai in around 90 minutes. Hatta has experienced tremendous growth in appeal.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, initially unveiled the Hatta Sustainable Waterfalls Project a year ago. This would be a part of an effective campaign to promote Hatta as a top travel destination.

The project is costing the region around Dh46 million waterfall attraction. It is now being built in Hatta and will serve as the centrepiece of the ambitious tourism push for this Dubai tourist destination.

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The Completion Date Is Yet To Be Announced

The eye-catching waterfall project is being managed by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa). The authority did not provide the project’s completion date.

According to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s vision and directions for holistic and ecological growth throughout Dubai and to establish Hatta as a tourism and economic hub while maintaining its history, Dewa is carrying out ground-breaking initiatives in Hatta.

Hatta’s reputation as a centre for premium honey served as the inspiration for the waterfall’s hexagonal honeycomb shape. The oasis of the plan is connected by bridges that traverse a water canal, providing tourists with a magnificent panorama.

So if you visit Hatta for adventurous purposes, you might catch a glimpse of this under-construction waterfall at the site.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Dubai Media Office