Housekeeping Staff Reveals The Dirtiest Surfaces In A Hotel Room

by Sanmita A
by Sanmita A 246

Love enjoying services at hotels? Then, this is post is for you. A hotel worker shared all the inside stories from her days of working for hotels. She shares all the things that you must do after checking in at a hotel. No matter however luxurious or awesome the hotel services claim to be, make sure you check everything and refrain from doing certain things at hotels. A hotel worker, made videos on what not to do while staying in hotels.

Never Be Barefoot In A Shower

The hotel worker, who goes with the name @QueenEvangeline25 shared that one must never use the drinking glasses in hotels. Next, she tells one must always put the names of all the people who are going to be at the hotel. She says, even the person under whom the booking is not done, should have his/her names in the hotel list. She also claims that hotels are not as clean as they are. She even shares that one should never walk barefoot even inside the carpet or even the washroom. She tells, NEVER be barefoot in the shower.


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Tired? But Don’t Sleep On Those Sheets!

Make sure you ask the room services to change the sheets. They might look clean, but sometimes they are not change over months. Yes, that’s what this hotel worker is claiming. Also, she asks her audience never use the washcloth from the hotel washrooms. Sometimes, these wash cloths are hardly changed, and have millions of hands on them. Also, make sure whenever you are staying at a hotel, you are careful. Also, be a little careful when you use public spaces like the gym, swimming pools etc. If you aren’t sure, you can even ask about how they maintain hygiene and cleanliness in those areas.

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