How Expensive Is Australia?

by Kritika Kukreja
How Expensive Is Australia?

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We visited Australia but it’s definitely a destination that comes with a price tag. 

What Is It?

Australia is unique, beautiful and a dream destination for many people, but it’s no secret Australia is also a premium destination that comes with a price tag of being one of the most expensive places to visit. How expensive, let’s find out!

One Australian dollar is ₹50
For every ₹500, you get 10 dollars
For ₹1000, you get 20 dollars
For ₹2500, you get 50 dollars

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Accommodation in Australia is one of the biggest expenses. While you can stay in a motel for 30-40 dollars a night, a decent hotel would cost you anywhere between 200 – 400 dollars.


Food is also expensive. A mc chicken burger that costs 2.5 dollars that is ₹130 in india would cost you 6 dollars here that is ₹600. Another way is find how much is the coffee or beer for. You can get a strong beer for 8 dollars and a mild one for 6 dollars. As for coffee, you can get one at 4.5 dollars. And an average meal along with a drink about 15 dollars. But that’s just to survive but if you want to enjoy the vibe of the place, then 50-60 dollars.

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The cab starts ticking at 4.40 dollars and even for a distance of 3 kms, be ready to shell out  10 – 12 Australian dollars.

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