How Many Of These 7 Best Indian Single Malt Whisky Brands Have You Tried?

by Tejashee Kashyap
How Many Of These 7 Best Indian Single Malt Whisky Brands Have You Tried?

If you’re a whisky enthusiast, you’re either a brand loyalist or have a rotating selection of whiskies to try. Ask anyone their favourite and a single malt whisky from Scotland and occasionally Ireland would be on the list. But with time, this has begun to be quickly challenged by Indian whisky brands. The Indian malt industry offers a unique and exciting experience for whisky enthusiasts looking to explore new flavours and styles.

Is India Whisky’s New Hotspot?


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The success of Indian whisky brands is on the rise, both on a global and domestic scale. “Indian whisky drinkers are more experimental today about homegrown brands than ever before. Award-winning whiskies like Amrut, Paul John, Rampur and Godavan have bought into this change in opinion,” tells Vishal Deorah, CEO of Global Spirits India.

There are many factors that help Indian whiskies stand out on the global map. “Given the temperate climate of the country and maturation being faster than their counterparts from Scotland—they are more full of character and more sophisticated at a younger age,” shares Deorah.

These spirits stand out mostly because of their distinct flavour profile. “Usage of barley, wheat, and maize, along with spices such as coriander, fennel, and cardamom, imbues Indian whiskies with their distinct flavour and aroma that is unmatched with international brews,” explains Poonam Chandel, managing director of NeuWorld Spirits. Most of these Indian whiskies are aromatic tapestries, packed into every sip.

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Moreover, there is definitely a growing trend among younger consumers, including Gen Z and millennials, to choose Indian brands when it comes to whiskey. “One factor driving this trend is a renewed interest in local and regional products that are increasingly focusing on innovation and experimentation with unique flavour profiles, which appeals to younger consumers who are seeking new and exciting taste experiences. These brands are winning laurels that increase their appeal to young consumers who value authenticity and quality,” reasons Chandel.

However, there is still much work to be done in terms of securing a place for Indian brands on the global stage. Well until then, you must definitely stock up your bar with these best Indian single malt whisky brands:

1. Kamet


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A new-age whisky with a fruity aroma profile, Kamet is one of India’s premium single-malt whisky coming from the house of Madya Beverages. It is made using the famous six-row barley, indigenous to India sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas and produced in a distillery in Kurukshetra. Aged in a combination of ex-American Bourbon Oak, ex-French Wine Oak, and ex-Sherry casks, this whisky presents a fruity profile with vague spicy notes and is complemented with vanilla and caramel.

Cost: For 750ml ₹2,999 approx in Delhi, ₹2,699 approx in Goa

2. Rampur Select

Another exquisite homegrown single malt whisky, it won double gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2017. Coming from Rampur distillery and the house of Radico Khaitan, this spirit reflects the essence of a long Indian summer and has a warm appeal. It is fruity and floral to the nose, with a rich, creamy vanilla and apricot and apple on the palette. Interestingly, this Indian single malt whisky still continues to be made through traditional copper pot stills.

Cost: For 750ml ₹9,255 approx in Gurgaon

3. Indri Trini


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Distilled at the foothills of the Himalayas, Indri Trini is another phenomenal pick from the house of Piccadily Distilleries. Combining a trio of barrels of bourbon, ex-wine and PX sherry casks, it gives off flavours of tea, oak and vanilla, with pops of burnt sugar pineapple.

Cost: For 750ml ₹5,100 approx in Mumbai, ₹3,100 approx in Gurgaon

4. Godawan

best Indian single malt whisky
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Recently, the biggest game-changing moment arrived in the Indian whisky scene when Diageo, the world’s second-biggest alcohol company recognised the demand for homegrown single malts and launched an Indian-made single malt based in Rajasthan called Godawan in March 2022. The spirit positions India as the haven of quality single malts on the global map for having an incredible depth of flavour profile that rings of Indian herbs and a rich and complex character, thanks to the exquisite Rajasthan’s six-row barley and a long fermentation cycle.

Cost: For 750 ml ₹3,500 approx in New Delhi; ₹5,400 approx in Mumbai

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5. Paul John Oloroso


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All of Paul John whiskies by John Distilleries, Goa spell flavour explosion. The Oloroso expression is aged in American bourbon barrels and finished in sherry casks. This dram pours a dark mahogany and flavours of nutty chocolate and rich fruit cake hit the palate as you take a sip.  The finish is long and sweet, with a dash of coffee and a build-up of spices.

Cost: For 750 ml ₹4,190 approx in New Delhi; ₹9,000 approx in Mumbai

6. Amrut Fusion


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Meet the pioneers of the single malt revolution in India. Bangalore’s Amrut Distilleries created a space where none had existed and stood alone for nearly a decade. They have an eclectic range of whiskies, promising elegance in every sip. Particularly, the Fusion dram offers a smoky, complex, thickly oaked flavour. Your palate will pick up notes of coffee, dark chocolate, and oak with the finish being long and reminiscent of marmalade. Some may even love this neat! Moreover, it’s an award-winning spirit with the crown of the World Whiskey Of The Year (2019).

Cost: For 750ml ₹5,200 approx in Mumbai; ₹3,200 approx in Goa

7. GianChand


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Crafted by Devans Modern Breweries based in Jammu, GianChand single malt is a newly launched one made using quality ex-bourbon barrels. Like most Indian single malts, it does have that fruity aroma of peach and apricot with a salty and spicy taste. The finish is also slightly long but the notable feature would be how smooth it is with no burn.

Cost: For 750ml ₹4490 approx in Delhi

So, which one of these Indian single malt whiskies have you tried yet?

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