Hyde Hotel Opens Its First International Property In Dubai & It Has Got Everything You Need

by Shrestha Purkayastha
Hyde Hotel Opens Its First International Property In Dubai & It Has Got Everything You Need

In Dubai, hotels are many. As a result, when a new one comes along, it’s bound to go that extra mile. With that in mind, welcome to the Hyde Hotel Dubai, a five-star hotel. A very cool American export. It’s located in Business Bay’s up-and-coming sector, and it’s got the complete cosmopolitan package. Visitors looking for more than just a hotel will find it here. The same individuals who gave you the recently opened SLS Dubai hotel are behind Hyde Hotel Dubai. The same proprietors are also about to open 25Hours Hotel One Central.

From ‘Anything Can Happen’ To A Wordly Vibe As Soon As You Step In

There has been no expense spared in terms of attention to detail. At the entryway, there’s a massive floral wall with the words ‘anything can happen’ scrawled on it. Then there are the two massive rectangular mirrors and a cool sculpture in the lobby’s centre. A number of vinyl albums are on display at the check-in counter. They’re by performers from the 1990s like Mary J Blige, Eminem, and Jay Z.

A pleasant lounge space with bookcases packed with fashion books may be found farther on. Tabletop chess sets and games. Also available are large pieces of jaw-dropping artwork that can be acquired if you have your heart set on them for your own home. As soon as you walk in, the Hyde Hotel Dubai offers a distinct urban yet refined air.

Picture Credits: hotel-addict.com

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With A Mingled Design, Spectacular Restaurants And A Jazzy Pool, It’s Got Everything You Need

The Hyde Hotel in Dubai is redefining the traditional staycation. This is a place where you go to socialise. The restaurants, the pool, and spa, followed by a night in one of the numerous luxurious accommodations. Alternatively, there are suites available, which are suited for everyone from nomads to modern businessmen.

Cleo lives on the ground floor. A Mediterranean-inspired restaurant with Levantine food and an extensive wine selection that will carry you from day to night. Katsuya, a prominent Hollywood-based Japanese restaurant, has an offshoot on the fourth floor. Hudson Tavern, a cool speakeasy tavern, is also nearby.

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Additionally, the pool may be located on this floor. It has a relaxed Mediterranean-chic vibe to it. With white sunbeds, views of the Dubai Canal and the Burj Khalifa, and an intimate bar area. Hudson Tavern’s outdoor patio leads to Katsuya’s alfresco deck. The path then curves around to the pool, beautifully merging the two locations. The hotel also has a state-of-the-art gym and a peaceful spa with canal views.

Picture Credits: Whatson.ae

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