Hyderabad Metro Revised Fare And Launches New Offers, Netizens Call It “Looting”

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Hyderabad Metro Revised Fare And Launches New Offers, Netizens Call It “Looting”

The Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited revised its discounts and fares, and announced ‘Super Saver Offers’  for commuters. They have increased the price of their Super Saver Offer (SSO) card from ₹59 to ₹99. Moreover, it has also discontinued the 10 percent discount on the smart cards during the peak hours. But these new offers and the revised fare have disappointed the netizens. 

Hyderabad Metro Launches New Offers  

The Hyderabad Metro has come up with new offers and a revised fare. One of these offers allows commuters to travel unlimited on 100 pre-notified holidays for just ₹99. On contactless smart cards (CSC) during off-peak hours, they can also get a discount of 10 per cent on notified fares. The off-peak hours are between 6 am and 8 am as well as from 8pm to 12 am. 

The officials have also posted the list of notified holidays for commuters where the smart card offer for notified holidays is applicable. The list is also available at the stations and online as well. 

It also withdrew the 10 per cent discount that was applicable to the usage of digital QR (DQR) tickets and contactless smart cards (CSC) during peak hours. These new offers and fares are applicable as of April 1. 

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Commuters Unhappy With The New Announcements

The Hyderabad Metro CEO, KVB Reddy, said that these offers will be beneficial for commuters and will surely attract more people. Netizens did not welcome these new fares and the discount and called it ‘looting’. 

Many people commented on the tweet by Hyderabad Metro where the rates and offers were announced. Some called it the worst decision ever, while others spoke about how it is wrong for public transportation companies to make such profiteering decisions. 

Some commuters spoke about how the metro should focus on its frequency and other services rather than looting the public. Netizens also commented that these new offers were nothing but a way to increase the fares. 

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