Twitter User Shares A Beautiful Pic Of Flowers Beside Yamuna River & It’s WOW!

by Shreya Ghosh
Twitter User Shares A Beautiful Pic Of Flowers Beside Yamuna River & It’s WOW!

Nature and its alluring beauty truly hold an ethereal charm. Nothing can come closer to the magnificent glory of the natural surroundings enveloping us. Recently, a beautiful photo of such a scenic vision is getting viral on social media. Delhi government has redeveloped Yamuna and given the river bed a stunning transformation. The area is looking just breathtaking and you won’t be able to stop yourself from clicking some great pictures. Let’s take a look at what the transformation of Yamuna looks like.

This Makeover Has Added A Splendour To Yamuna & The River Beds!

Rahul Tahiliani is a content creator and he took to his Twitter account to share a picture of the Yamuna transformation. Check out the picture below and be mesmerised by the beauty.

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As seen in the photo, the makeover of Yamuna looks so picturesque. A plethora of colourful flowers blooming throughout the riverside areas add much-needed freshness and radiance to the location. From flower beds of marigolds to lots of pink, red, white, and yellow coloured flowers blossoming here make the place looks more beautiful. Delhi government has worked on this makeover in recent times and the bright and glowing end results are worthy of all the efforts.

Many NGOs Are Constantly Working To Clean The River Beds & Banks

Yamuna River is one of India’s most significant rivers but all the discharge of domestic waste, industrial waste, untreated sewage, and more has hampered the river. With the growing population and spike in pollution in the national capital, and so hundreds of people are working regularly to spread awareness about the situation. They are putting efforts relentlessly to bring the river back to life. There are several NGOs and non-profits that are working to restore the river and clean the river banks and beautify these.

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While some NGOs and teams have previously worked on bringing back life to the river in the last many years, some NGOs are now taking new steps forward for the Yamuna river.

Some of these NGOs are:

  • Environmentalist Foundation of India
  • Meherban India foundation
  • Rivers of the World (ROW) Foundation

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Rahul Tahiliani (@Rahultahiliani9)