I Trekked To A Glacial Lake At 14,000 Feet In Himachal And Here’s How I Did It!

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I Trekked To A Glacial Lake At 14,000 Feet In Himachal And Here’s How I Did It!

My name is Mayank Singhal, and I am a Delhiite. I am an avid traveller and love exploring different places across India and abroad. Also, I have been an analytics professional for the last ten years. Travelling is oxygen to me and detoxes my body. So far, I have travelled to 9 countries and more than 25 Indian destinations. Mostly I have travelled solo, with groups or as a budget traveller, which helps me keep my expenses as low as possible. Also, getting to know different people is fantastic and addictive. I planned this trek amid my busy work schedule. I wanted to take a break and breathe. This time, Himanchal was my call.

Bhrigu Lake Trek

Bhrigu Lake is a high-altitude glacial lake at 14,100 ft. It is the highest lake trek in Himachal, which makes it a perfect place to experience some mind-blowing adventure. Bhrigu Lake Trek in Manali is one of the most beautiful short treks in the Himalayas. It got its name from Maharishi Bhrigu, a great saint who would meditate near the lake, which is why it is considered a sacred lake. This trek offers some of the most breathtaking views.

I chose Bhrigu Lake because most alpine meadows in India start at around 11,000 ft above the treeline. However, on this trek, you will be in the fields within the first 10 minutes of the hike!  Let me take you through my detailed Itinerary. Planning helps me to have ease in my entire travel.

How I Planned My Trip

To start with bookings, I booked an early morning flight to Chandigarh from Delhi. You can also book a train or bus at your convenience. You can take a private cab or bus from Chandigarh, which are slightly cheaper options to reach Manali. I took a private cab which cost me around INR 5000.  I booked my guide through Instagram – the_himalyan_guy_. Apart from this, I booked my hotels beforehand. 

Day 1 – Manali 

I started from Chandigarh in the morning around 7:30 am and reached Manali by 5 pm. We took only one lunch break. Due to construction on the way to Manali, there is a tip: you might get traffic, so avoid starting your journey during peak hours. 

I was tired, and all I needed was a cup of coffee. I spotted a small and cute German Bakery. I ordered a carrot cake with one hazelnut cappuccino. What a sigh of relief! I had already booked my hotel in Old Manali, and now I just wanted to rest. But Mall Road was so happening that I decided to explore. So I did a little shopping for my trek and had dinner at Johnson’s (meal here was a must). 

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Day 2 – Trek Day Drive From Manali To Gulaba Roadhead

I am an early riser. I started my day with a cup of warm water and called my guide to understand the Itinerary of the day. We decided to catch up at 9 am after breakfast. I packed my bag and left for the day. 

I met my guide and other people from the group, and we drove to Gulaba. The best part of every trek was the scenic views. Generally, you get such thoughts after climbing high, but just within 10 mins of the walk, I started falling in love with the beauty. 

From Gulaba, we started the trek for Roli Kholi, our base camp. Throughout my hike, I was just in awe of the mesmerising views. Our guide, who was a great company, also showed us pictures of the Seven Sisters peak, friendship peak and more. You will find various water sources, but you need to carry enough water to keep yourself hydrated. Our guide brought plums from his farm, and he gave us one plum at every stop. Sweet, isn’t it?

 But, when I looked back, I just took a deep breath and said, “I don’t want to forget this view”. The beauty was unreal. After walking for a good 7-8 hours, I saw the most fantastic camping site. This would be our stay for the next two days. We settled in our camps and had Maggi with tea. For the remaining part of the day, we talked and enjoyed our dinner in the kitchen tent with our guide and helpers. After a long day, they served us dal chawal and sabji. It found it like ‘ghar ka khana’. 

I was lucky that I got my camp next to the river, and the sights of dense forest cover and lush meadows with going river gave me good company. It was cold. I suggest you carry warm clothes with you. 

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Trek Day 2

My Day 2 started with a hot cup of tea and poha. Our guide also specially made suji ka halwa for us before we headed for Bhrigu Lake.  I was a little scared with this part of the trail. We started early on this trail not just out of excitement to witness the beauty of Bhrigu Lake but also to have plenty of time in hand to soak in that mesmerising view. 

It is rightly said, one should enjoy the journey, and that’s what I did. I enjoyed every view of this trail. Since I travelled in June, it started with rocky patches and just after one hour trek, we discovered snow patches on the ground. This part was a little tricky. I would advise all trekkers to use shoes with a good grip on slippery terrain.

As the July season progresses, the snow starts to lift. But I believe this weather is a mix to experience everything. From green grass and blooming flowers to snow, you see it all. We started from Manali at 6,725 ft and reached an altitude of 14,100 ft in just three days. This is where a little headache and slight breathing issues kicked in. However, just remember to keep yourself hydrated throughout.  The clouds were touching our face, birds chirping. We all sat, and no one uttered a word. We were just absorbing nature’s beauty. The last part of the trail was easy. But, we sat there, smiled, and soaked in this view. Our guide carried sandwiches for us for lunch. The place was indeed a hidden treasure. But it was time to head towards our campsite. 

Midway, our guide told us that the helpers had made pakoras and tea for us. This gave us the motivation to reach our camps. It took us three hours to get to our campsite. Heading down was still comparatively easy but required a lot of attention. We experienced a white-out. It was cold. But, we sat with our group, shared travel stories, played games, and enjoyed our remaining day.  Mid Night, around 2 am, I just wanted to look at the stars. And my eyes were stuck. I saw a galaxy of stars! I tried to capture them but couldn’t. I am all smiles while I write this part of my trek. It is like I have captured that moment in my eyes. 

Day 3 – Trek End

It was time to say Alvida! A part of me wanted to stay a little more. We started to descend at 9 am, and the weather was good. It didn’t take much effort. It took us 3 hours to reach Gulaba, and from there, we sat in our traveller for Manali. One of our group members took us to the café Kayaro House Old Manali. We took pictures, had fantastic lunch and said goodbye over momos.  After two days of adventure, I wanted to end my day with hazelnut cappuccino and carrot cake from the German bakery. 

For the next day, I had booked a cab for 4:30 am from Chandigarh as I had to catch my flight to Delhi. It was raining; the weather was good for perfect 90s songs and a long drive. 

Travel Light And Carry Your Essentials: 

  1. You will not find any electricity after you set off from Manali. Carry your power bank. 
  2. Warm clothes. 
  3. A Raincoat/poncho.
  4. High-quality trekking gear. 
  5. Tissue paper, toothbrush, wet wipes, sanitiser, sunscreen.
  6. Carry waterproof trekking trousers. 
  7. Flashlight. 

Some Important Notes 

  1. Keep yourself hydrated. 
  2. Don’t rush. Climb slow. 
  3. Book a guide in advance as it gets more accessible regarding food and camps. 
  4. Network connectivity is fine till Roli Kholi. 

With good physical fitness levels, proper gear, and experience, the Bhrigu Lake trek feels like a fantastic trekking expedition.

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