Ice Pizza Baked With Ice Cubes Is The Latest Food Trend For Pizza Lovers

Ice Pizza
by Sanmita A
by Sanmita A 122

Chicken Pizza, Veg Pizza, Cheesy Pizza, chocolate, pineapple, and so much – pizza has been experimented with and loved over the years. However, with the internet coming up with many bizarre dishes and various meals, a pizza combination unlike any has caught attention. It has sparked a lot of thoughts and questions, and honestly, in our opinion, you would be baffled too. Ice Pizza is the latest food trend that involves cooking pizza with ice cubes. So, what does preparing pizza with ice have anything to do with its taste – Let’s find out!

Ice Pizza – Good Or Worse?

The ice pizza video was shared on the internet by a chef with the user name, ‘doeshebakedough’. Ice Pizza video is going viral on the internet and now has thousands of likes and interesting comments. The video begins with the chef spreading the dough, layering it up, topped with ice and then baked in the oven. After all the baking, the ice pizza is topped with cheese and other ingredients.

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The Reviews & Reactions To This Unconventional Pizza Combination

The pizza has got some really interesting reviews. Some were shocked while others wonders what the ice cubes actually did. Here’s what the users think, ‘What is the purpose of the ice?’

‘I think this will be the newest trend as I’ve seen it many times already 😍’

‘The Italian mafia wants to know your location’

What do you think about this ice pizza recipe? Would you want to give the ice pizza a try? Or let us know if you know more of such weird combinations of pizza that you watched on the internet.

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