5 Iconic Eateries Of Kolkata To Relish Sondesh, Lucchi, Fish Fry & More!

by Vinita Jain

Kolkata is known as the cultural capital of India. There is art and culture in every nook of Kolkata then whether it’s shown in the sarees, jewelry, sculptures, monuments, and most significantly the authentic Kolkata food. This city of joy serves traditional Bengal cuisine which is rich in flavors. Every quaint lane of Kolkata has a story to deliver and an eatery to hop on. Kolkata has both the authentic Bengali cuisines in ancient restaurants to iconic food stalls serving for ages. Without further ado let’s get into some of the iconic places of Kolkata that are a must-try.

1. Sweets At Gupta Brothers

This city of joy is popular for its sweets, it serves an impeccable number of Bengali sweets. Roshugulla, Chomchaom, Mishti Doi, Sandesh, Kala Jam, and a lot more. Gupta Brothers have all of it. This is a legendary outlet serving an ample amount of mithais. They even make fruit sweets based on the seasons.

If you’re visiting Kolkata, Gupta Brothers is an outlet where you can relish all of these delicacies together. Gupta brothers is located on Sambhunath Pandit Street.

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2. Sharma Tea House

Sharma Tea House in Kolkata is a very popular breakfast joint. On weekdays also this place is very busy. They serve Samosas, Fritters, Namakpaaras, etc. But this joint is famous for its kachoris, jalebis, and Kesar ki chai. The Dal Kachoris are hollow from the inside because it is served with a potato sabzi, which is an awesome option to try. The saffron tea is served in Kulhads and is a must-try thing in Kolkata.

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3. Lucchi At KC Das

KC Das is yet another legendary outlet. It is believed that the authentic Rosh Gulla was first invented here only. Anyways Lucchi is a type of flaky flatbread that is deep-fried. This Lucchi is served with Alu Dum and dal. Dal is slightly sweet. You can visit KC Das for a delectable lunch and end on a sweet note with the traditional Rosh Gulla.

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4. Fish Fry At Mitra Café

Mitra Café is an ancient café that is in Kolkata for more than 100 years. If you’re coming in Kolkata Fish Fry is something you’ve to definitely check out. Mitra Café is popular for its Kabiraji which includes chicken, prawns, fish, and mutton. They actually have authentic dishes served here.

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5. Kolkata Street Food At Dacres Lane

Dacres Lane has a lot of eateries available where one can hop on some street food items. There are various local vendors also who just do not sell street food snacks but there are food stalls serving full thalis at cheaper prices. Dacres Lane also has vendors serving Jhalmuri, Puchkas, Tela Bhaja, Momos, Desi Chinese, Ghugni Tikiya, Mughlai Parathas, and so on. You can hop on in this lane to have some flavorful snacks.

Picture Credit: migrationlogy.com and whtshot.com

Picture Credit: migrationlogy.com and whtshot.com

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