These Kolkata Brothers Got Desi Chai To US And It Is A Hot Favourite In NYC

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by Shreya Ghosh
by Shreya Ghosh 253

No matter which foreign country an Indian travels to, one thing they will always miss is authentic Indian food, ‘ghar ka khana’. Homemade food is impossible to find overseas but we satisfy our souls with whatever Indian food we find there. Indians love their hot cup of desi chai and we surely miss it the most while travelling abroad. Two brothers from Kolkata found this gap in the market and established ‘Kolkata Chai Co.’ in the US. While in NYC, this is the ultimate place to be for sipping on a cup of desi chai.

Kolkata Brothers Transported Desi Chai To The US

It doesn’t matter how many versions of tea come on the market as no innovation can come closer to the authentic Indian masala chai. Especially in a place like New York City, we have to search a lot to get our hands on a cup of delicious tea. The owners of Kolkata Chai Co., Ayan Sanyal and Ani Sanyal, are fast-generation Indian-Americans. While they travelled to different corners of the world, they noticed the love for various cuisines all over the world. But Indian cuisines do not get the deserved popularity. This is one of the reasons the brother duo thought of opening a place where people can taste the richness and deliciousness of authentic desi chai.

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Kolkata Chai Co. Is A Hot Favourite In NYC!

Ayan and Ani spent their childhood in Kolkata during the summer. Visiting local tea shops was a part of their itinerary in Kolkata. The food culture of Kolkata inspired the brothers to start this innovative idea in a bustling city like New York. They always aim to serve the most authentic taste that you can experience in the iconic Kolkata tea stalls. People absolutely love to taste tea from Kolkata Chai Co. No one really expected the taste and flavours to be so vibrant before and the customer really loves what they are serving.

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Apart from a cup of classic chai, they also serve different variations of tea which are equally delicious. For the ongoing summer season, they are offering Chai Soft Serve, and interestingly it is one of the favourite summer snacks in New York presently. Their Iced Chai is lip-smacking too and is indeed a saviour to deal with the scorching heat.

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