This US Returnee Selling Burger On Wheels In Ahmedabad Is A Favourite With IIM-A Students

by Sanjana Shenoy 523

Ask students from the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A), about their favourite food joint, and you’d hear Fakiraa’s Burger. Started by the US returnee, Parthiv Thakkar, Fakiraa’s Burger serves not just fresh, hot burgers, but also burritos and Italian food. But the burger-on-wheels was launched by the US returnee for a heartbreaking reason. Read on to know more.

Parthiv Thakkar Returned To India For Heartbreaking Reason

Parthiv Thakkar from Ahmedabad worked as a stage performer in the UK and the USA. He returned to India in 2020 when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. With surmounting medical bills, and Covid-19 cases on the rise, it was a difficult time for Parthiv and his family. According to The Better India, at that time, his daughter suggested he convert his love for food into a business.

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Picture Credits: The Foodie/ Youtube

Surmounting Medical Bills Led Him To Start Food Business

So, Parthiv Thakkar transformed his 30-year-old Maruti 800 into a food stall-on-wheels, Fakiraa’s Burger. In the initial few months, things were difficult. There was hardly any footfall and he wasn’t earning profits. Slowly through word of mouth, IIM-A students started flocking his stall. Parthiv served french fries, Tawa pizzas, tacos, burritos and burgers starting from just ₹60.

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Fakiraa’s Burger Popular Among IIM-A Students

Students loved his wholesome dishes, prepared hot and fresh right in front of them. The food is prepared hygienically and sold at pocket-friendly prices. Parthiv’s experience working at pubs also helped him in his venture. The entrepreneur revealed to The Better India taht while he can’t compare this life to one he led in the USA, he’s happy with what he is doing in Ahmedabad. Parthiv was here for his family during challenging times. Through his business, he wants to inspire people to become fakiras not by detaching from the material world, but by detaching from one’s thoughts.