Craving Some Gujarati And Rajasthani Food In Mumbai? This Eatery Is The Solution

by Vinita Jain
by Vinita Jain 216

It’s said that Mumbai’s half population is from Gujrat and Rajasthan. Yes, Gujrati’s and Rajasthani’s come and settle in Mumbai and when you get to engage in this hustling-bustling city, surely there are days when you crave your regional dish with the same flavors. Maharaja Bhog is an outlet that can give help you in fulfilling your cravings, and give a good treat to your tastebuds. There are a lot of outlets of Maharaja Bhog present in Mumbai. This place is exactly like its name, it will feed you in a true sense just like a Maharaja.

Let’s Look At The Menu

It’s just not their food but the staff’s gestures, the imperial vibes which flicker from huge thalis, their royal welcome, their hosting, and a lot more. Let’s dive deep into the whole process, initially after your welcome in the restaurant, the next step is the Gau Seva where they give you a coin which then you’ve to put into the Gau (Piggy bank) and pray for a good meal. After that, it’s time for the warm hand wash from a kettle. And tadaa you’re all set for the food.


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The Thali Comprises Both Gujrati And Marwadi Dishes

First comes the welcome drink which keeps on changing but stays refreshing every time. The thali comprises both Gujrati and Marwadi dishes, from different types of curries to a variety of rotis (butter Rotis, makai roti), some starters like pakoras, samosas, dhoklas, paneer tikka’s, etc. How can I not mention the variety of veggies, the list is so long. Rice, Khichdi, Pulav, Kheer, Halwa, Papad, salad, this thali has got everything and not even a dish compromises in the taste. The highlight of this thali is the side item jaggery.

After reading this lavish, royal menu, I am sure all non-gujjus and non-marwadis are also craving this kind of royal Maharaja thalis. So why wait, visit this place, and have a soulful lunch. In fact, after you’re done, and you liked the food they’ll make you do a very cool gesture. They’ll ask you to hit a thali from a hammer in order to express your happiness after eating.



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