Idol’s Crown, Money & Ghee Stolen From A Temple In Vasant Kunj. Police Are Investigating

by Shreya Ghosh
Idol’s Crown, Money & Ghee Stolen From A Temple In Vasant Kunj. Police Are Investigating

The number of theft incidents is increasing so much all around us. We often hear about many things getting stolen from houses, shops, temples, and more now. Something very similar happened at a temple at Vasant Kunj in Delhi. Delhi Police shared about the incident on Saturday, according to a report by NDTV. Such incidents taking place at a temple are surely a scary thing and people need to stay very cautious to protect themselves and their belongings.

A Group Of Thieves Stole From The Temple On Saturday

Picture credit- Canva

As stated by the Delhi police, the thieves visited the temple and stole some things before dawn on Saturday. The religious place is located close to the street and the entire theft was recorded in the CCTV camera installed there. According to the footage captured in the CCTV camera, it could be seen that a group of thieves came together in a car and stole from the temple. They broke the locks of the temple and entered inside to steal from there.

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What Did They Steal From the Vasant Kunj Temple?

Delhi Police shared about all the things that the group of thieves took away from this temple in the national capital. They stole the crown of the god worshipped here, a non-disclosed amount of money, around 10 kg of desi ghee, things used to pray, and many valuables as well.

Police Are Inspecting To Catch These Thieves

Ever since the theft took place in the Vasant Kunj temple in the early hours of Saturday, the group is missing. They have not been caught yet and it is being said that they are completely missing after stealing so many things from the temple in the national capital. Delhi police are currently working on this case so that they can catch the thieves as soon as possible.

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Well, the theft incident on Saturday was not the first time that something like this happened here. Many sources stated that there was another case of stealing reported here before. And after the theft took place, the CCTV was installed roadside. The camera is a safety step to stop such incidents from happening once again.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva