If You Forget To Flush The Public Toilet In Singapore You May End Up In Jail; We Aren’t Kidding! 

by Sanjana Shenoy
If You Forget To Flush The Public Toilet In Singapore You May End Up In Jail; We Aren’t Kidding! 

Singapore places top priority on cleanliness in public places. Cleanliness plays such an important role in the country that it’s illegal to even sell chewing gum, spit in public or feed pigeons with leftover food. All these acts will attract fines.  Moreover, painting graffiti art on walls and urinating in public places is also banned. To add to these public cleanliness rules, Singapore will also place fines or even jail a person who forgets to flush the public toilet. Shocking? Well, read on to know more.

Singapore To Jail Or Fine People Who Forget To Flush Public Toilet

Every country has its own set of rules, laws and regulations for public affairs. A mistake considered to be a small one in small countries is a grave offence in another nation, that can attract fines and severe punishment. In order to maintain cleanliness in public places, a heavy fine will be imposed on people who forget or don’t flush the public toilet in Singapore. The person might also be jailed for the same. Since cleanliness in public places is a top priority of the Singapore government, it deems harsh punishment as a lesson to teach people the importance of cleanliness.

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Forgetting To Flush Toilet Will Lead To Fine Of ₹8000 Or Jail

If people forget to flush the public toilet in Singapore, they must pay a fine of over $150 ( ₹8000 approx). And that’s not all, they will also be sentenced to jail if they fail to pay the fine. The reason behind the harsh punishment is to make sure everyone takes public cleanliness seriously and do their bit to keep the environment clean. And it’s not just locals, even tourists who visit Singapore must also not forget to flush the public toilet. So, the next time you visit Singapore, or any other country make sure you research and follow the local traditions and laws of the place. Here’s your guide to Singapore.