IFS Officer Shares Picture Of A Snake That Looks No Less Than A Painting

by Sanjana Shenoy
IFS Officer Shares Picture Of A Snake That Looks No Less Than A Painting

Indian Forest Service(IFS) Parveen Kaswan often takes to Twitter to share amazing photos and videos of India’ abundant flora and fauna. With his tweets, he also creates awareness about our beautiful planet and the need to protect it. Recently, the IFS officer shared a picture of a beautiful green snake nestled between wild mushrooms. This picture looks no less than a painting. Here’s more about it.

IFS Officer Shares Picture Of Green Pit Viper

IFS Officer Parveen Kaswan posted a picture of a Green Pit viper sitting amid wild mushrooms. The bright green viper sat curled around a wild mushroom, while a moss-covered tree branch and dried leaves made the environment look like a Picasso painting. Bright green, light brown, grey and other shaded hues added the x-factor to the environment.

In his caption, the IFS officer mentioned how he was on a long field walk when he stood and observed the wild mushrooms. That’s when he caught a glimpse of the Green Pit viper. The IFS officer stated that it looked so unreal and colourful and he could stand there for hours watching it. The picture is so beautiful and even unreal, that Twitteratis thought its a CGI image.

Netizens Stunned By Its Beauty & Wonder If It’s Venomous

Many enquired if it was real and if the snake is venomous. Well, Green Pit vipers are venomous. It bites it’s prey with its fangs and injects venom into the body. This stops the blood from clotting and results in internal bleeding. In India, it’s commonly found in the forests of Arunachal Pradesh. Many snake bite cases in Thailand are due to Green Pit vipers.

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Cover Image Courtesy: @ParveenKaswan/ Twitter