Ilish Season Is Here! Enjoy These Hilsa Festivals At Kolkata, Sunderbans & Bengaluru

by Shreya Ghosh
Ilish Season Is Here! Enjoy These Hilsa Festivals At Kolkata, Sunderbans & Bengaluru

Monsoon season is the best time to relish fresh hilsa fishes. There are tons of incredible recipes that can be prepared with this fish. From fry to gravy to even pulao and khichuri, ilish maachh goes with anything and everything. If you are also a fan of this fish but don’t know how to cook the dishes, we are here to help you out. Restaurants and travel companies often conduct Hilsa Festivals in the rainy season and we have enlisted the best ones to try this year.

Love To Gorge On Ilish Maachh? These Hilsa Festivals Are A Must-Visit

1. ‘Ilshe Guri’ -HILSA Food Festival

Join RiverCruise to spend a day indulging in a feast of ilish and enjoying a few hours of serenity. They are hosting Ilish Festival on 20 August and 24 September. This fun-filled event is going to take you to the Ganga River on a double-deck vessel and lets you spend your time there witnessing the magical views surrounding you. Costing ₹1,950 for each person, this festival will begin at 11 AM and continue till 4 PM. From playing games to enjoying folk performances to of course devouring hilsa recipes, you are about to enjoy a great time here.

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2. Sundarban Hilsa Festival 2023

Hilsa Festivals
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Tourists from all around visit Sundarbans at this time of the year just to gorge on ilish preparations for Sundarban Hilsa Festival. There are several packages here and the prices depend on the accommodation facilities, dishes served, and number of days spent there. The biggest attraction of the menu is the ilish maachh recipes and to know more about this festival, click here.

Check Out These Restaurants In Kolkata To Celebrate Hilsa Festival

1. Tero Parbon

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Enjoy the rainy season relishing a plethora of ilish recipes at Kolkata’s Tele Parbon. At the Ilish Festival hosted here, the restaurant is serving 25 ilish recipes of both famous and unique delicacies prepared with this fish. You have time till the peak hilsa season to enjoy the festival here.

Where: 49C, Purna Das Rd, Golpark, Hindustan Park, Gariahat, Kolkata

2. Polo Floatel

Hilsa Festivals
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Polo Floatel is undoubtedly one of Kolkata’s most unique restaurants to explore. The ambience is simply the biggest highlight here and to dazzle up your experience, the restaurant is hosting Ilish Parbon festival till 31 August 2023. Enjoy all your hilsa cravings at this festival with their varied menu featuring classic to unique recipes.

Where: 9, Jetty, 10, Strand Rd, B.B.D. Bagh, Kolkata

3. Koshe Kosha

Koshe Kosha is one of the best restaurants in the city to enjoy lip-smacking authentic Bengali cuisine. This restaurant is hosting Chinglish Festival till 31 August and you need to be here to gorge on the real taste of ilish and its yummy recipes.

Where: Multiple outlets

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4. Kasturi

Hilsa Festivals
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Head to Kasturi soon as the Bengali restaurant is hosting an Ilish Festival till 20 August. Experience a range of yummy Ilish delights here and bless your taste buds and soul with some hilsa goodness. Kasturi’s special menu is surely not going to disappoint you.

Where: Multiple outlets

5. Aaheli

Hilsa Festivals
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You do not have much time in your hand as this Bengali restaurant is hosting an Ilish Festival and serving the best of ilish recipes and authentic taste till the fish is available in the market. Aaheli is known for offering delectable Bengali recipes since the beginning and you need to be at this festival to taste the richness of fresh hilsa recipes.

This Bengaluru Restaurant Is Hosting Ilish Festival

1. Macher Raja Of Bengal At Esplanade

Hilsa Festivals
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Starting on 1 August 2023, Esplanade in Bengaluru is presenting Macher Raja of Bengal. Attend this festival to gorge on a grand feast of delicious ilish recipes. From Boneless Elish Paturi to Aam Acharer Elisher Jhol to Narkel Posto Elish, the menu at this Bengaluru restaurant features the classic masterpieces of Bengali cuisine loaded with flavours. It’s just like enjoying the essence of Kolkata by relishing maachh-bhaat while sitting in another city.

Where: 201, Double Road, Indiranagar, Bengaluru

Date: 1 August-20 August 2023

Time: Lunch & Dinner

If you are a fan of ilish and want to relish the plethora of delish recipes, you surely need to explore these festivals. Get ready to enjoy a gastronomic experience at these hilsa festivals.

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