Illegal Transportation Of Mangoes Under Scanner; Western Railway Seizes 45-50 Boxes From Trains

Western Railway confiscated many boxes of mangoes being illegally transported to different cities.

by Shreya Ghosh
Illegal Transportation Of Mangoes Under Scanner; Western Railway Seizes 45-50 Boxes From Trains

We all know that passengers must buy tickets before boarding a train. Be it a local or an express train, it is a rule to get tickets to travel on the train. If anyone tries to travel ticketless and gets caught, the concerned authorities fine that commuter. But what is the ticketing rule for mangoes? If anyone tries to transport mangoes illegally, there are consequences for this situation too.

Western Railway Tracked Illegal Transportation Of Mangoes

Illegal Transportation Of Mangoes
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A couple of days back, Western Railway found out that many boxes of mangoes were getting shifted to other places from Mumbai. According to a report by Hindustan Times, the senders illegally transported the fruits in Avadh Express, Jaipur Express, Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi Express, and more such express trains. Western Railway sent teams to investigate after getting an alert about the illegal transportation of mangoes on trains.

The lead of mangoes being delivered to other places during long-distance journeys without tickets turned out to be a true incident. The entire process of shifting the fruits illegally was looked over by the onboard housekeeping staff team. After Western Railway officials headed to the trains and conducted a probe, the people responsible for the transportation of mangoes were caught. They also seized the mangoes.

An official of the Western Railway informed about taking away about 45 to 50 mango boxes after investigating several trains. The confiscated fruits were initially planned to be transported to Ahmedabad, Surat, and Delhi, as per the Hindustan Times report. Once the mangoes are loaded on trains, the entire process of delivering mangoes illegally is mostly conducted by the onboard housekeeping staff team, an official shared. They keep the boxes inside the trains’ cabinets.

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What Happened Next?

Illegal Transportation Of Mangoes
Picture credit- Canva

After confiscating the fruits, Western Railway auctioned many boxes at auction centres in Borivali. They sold about 112 kg mangoes costing ₹12,000. Also, the officials gave away a few boxes to people who paid to get the seized mangoes delivered, but after imposing a fine. There are a few boxes at the station offices as well. An official added that the teams will be investigating more to find out about the illegal transportation of mangoes.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time such incidents occurred. In the past, we have come across so many news and updates about people trying to deliver fruits without following the necessary protocols and guidelines. While some become successful in their attempt at illegal transportation, others get caught by the concerned team of officials.

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What are your views on all these incidents?

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