Are You Deewani About Mango Mastani? Here Is The History Behind This Iconic Drink Of Pune!

This popular drink of Pune will steal your heart just like Mastani stole Bajirao’s!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Are You Deewani About Mango Mastani? Here Is The History Behind This Iconic Drink Of Pune!

If you visited Pune and didn’t enjoy a tall glass of cold and thick Mastani, then did you even visit Pune? Mastani is a delectable combination of ice cream, milk and outstanding flavours churned together and served with a dollop of ice cream on top is Pune’s iconic summer drink. It is every Punekars favourite and honestly, what is not like about this simple yet tasty drink? Ever wondered what is the reason behind the name of this drink? There is obviously a historical link and the epic love story of Bajirao and Mastani!

The History Behind Pune’s Iconic Mastani Drink

With the scorching heat this summer in Pune, everyone is a Mastani deewani and we get the hype! Back in the 1920s, a local establishment by Baburao Gujar, ‘Gujar Cold Drink’, located in the lanes of Budhwar Peth was known for serving sodas and sherbats. After two decades, they altered the water sodas with cold milk and became a hit among the people of Pune during the months of summer.

Back in the 1940s, cold milk drinks with syrups were affordable for commoners rather than ice cream drinks. While shops were not committed to ice cream machines as they required a lot of equipment. Again after two decades, this drink had a new addition that changed the trajectory of its popularity!

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This time it was a dollop of ice cream on top. Slowly the unique flavoured syrups and ice creams were locally produced and milk was already on this list. Hence, the authenticity and tantalising flavours attracted many Punekars and Mastani has been ruling their hearts since then!

Do You Know How Was It Named?

Mastani drink is related to Peshwa Bajirao and his wife, Mastani’s epic love story! Bajirao is the greatest leader of the Maratha empire after Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The name of the dish came into being with people exclaiming “mast ahe” in Marathi after taking big sips of Mastani drink. It translates to awesome in English and mast in Hindi language.

Pune’s drink was compared to Mastani’s attractiveness! Historical stories do inform us of the magnificent beauty and the progressive combating methods of Mastani. The rose-flavoured milk was topped off with mango ice cream and people assumed that when the ice cream melted into the milk, it resembled Mastani’s beauty! Therefore, Pune folks named the drink as Mastani in ode to her!

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Afterall Bajirao ki hai Mastani!

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons and IMDb/Website
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