I’m Not Scared About Ghosts But I’m Horrified By The Social Evils Existing In Our Society: Nushrratt Bharuccha | Curly Tales

horrified by the social evils
by Tooba Shaikh

This episode of Sunday Brunch is different from all others not just because it features the talented and beautiful Nushrratt Bharuccha but also because it is a collab with The Bombay Journey. Nushrratt loves talking, driving around, and eating delicious food. So in this interview, we decided to combine all three! She spoke a lot about her life during the pandemic and her stance on ghosts and their existence. The brilliant actress isn’t afraid of ghosts but she is horrified by the social evils existing in our society.

Not Scared Of Ghosts But Horrified By The Social Evils: Nushrratt Bharuccha

Nushrratt opened up about a lot of things in the interview. While discussing her latest movie Chhorii, which is a horror movie, she talks about her views on ghosts. She said that she doesn’t believe in ghosts but the making of this movie has deeply affected her.

Since the movie is about social evils, it made her realise that these evils are actually scarier than ghosts. Ghosts may or may not exist. We don’t know. But social evils definitely exist, and in large numbers. Their existence is well-known and well-documented not only within the country but globally as well. So why fear ghosts when humans and these social evils pose a greater threat to us? Hard to disagree with Nushrratt on this point! 

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Pandemic Life, Beaches, And Favourite Street Food

horrified by the social evils

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We had a ton of fun driving around Juhu simply chatting and reminiscing about the good old days. Nushrratt also told us about how she spent most of her time during the pandemic and why she has a soft spot for beaches. We also went to her favourite dosa stall and tried some of her favourite dosas! Not only that, but Nushrratt also loves street Chinese. But for safety purposes, she carries her own utensils. Smart move! Mind if we steal it?

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Will you try Nushrratt’s hack for Chinese food next time? Tell us below in the comments!

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