Nushrratt Bharuccha’s All-Girls Lisbon Diaries Included Walking Around In Her Pyjamas | Curly Tales

by Tooba Shaikh
Nushrratt Bharuccha’s All-Girls Lisbon Diaries Included Walking Around In Her Pyjamas | Curly Tales

In case you missed it, the latest episode of Sunday Brunch was a special collaboration with The Bombay Journey. We took the uber-talented actress Nushrratt Bharuccha out for a spin around the town. While driving through the streets of Juhu, a place Nushrratt considers home, we laughed, chatted and ate delicious food. During the drive, Nushrratt opened up about a lot of things in her life like how she spent her time during the pandemic and her all-girls Lisbon diaries and when she walked around in her pyjamas!

Nushrratt Bharuccha’s All-Girls Lisbon Diaries

If there’s anything obvious from this episode of Sunday Brunch, it is that Nushrratt is a traveller at heart and loves to explore new places. While driving around her neighbourhood in Juhu, Nushrratt told us all about her all-girls trip to Lisbon with 4 of her friends. The plan was to explore Portugal and their first stop was Lisbon. When they woke up on their first day in Lisbon, Nushrratt and a friend of hers went out to get coffee for everyone in their pyjamas and without even brushing their teeth!

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Coffee-Hunt Turned Into Adventure

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Since they had never been to Lisbon before, they didn’t know where the closest coffee shop was and decided to go on a coffee-shop hunt. Everyone else thought they’d be back in 15-20 mins but boy were they wrong. Turns out, these two ladies were so stunned by the beauty of the city that their coffee-shop-hunt walk went on for two hours! What is more, they returned to their hotel after two hours, they were coffee-less. They went out to get coffee and came back hours later without it! Well, who can blame Nushrratt? Lisbon is a beautiful city and we couldn’t think of a better way to explore it than by going on a walk!

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