In Just ₹150 From Manali, Reach Shangarh Meadows, Tucked Away In Great Himalayan National Park In Himachal

Explore the unexplored meadows of Shangarh, a tucked away hidden gem in Himachal Pradesh

by Ankita Mazumdar
In Just ₹150 From Manali, Reach Shangarh Meadows, Tucked Away In Great Himalayan National Park In Himachal

There’s a gem of a place that is tucked away in the UNESCO Great Himalayan National Park in Himachal Pradesh. Shangarh Meadows in Sainj Valley can be done under a budget and you will get to experience the calmness of an undiscovered gem. The thick timbers of the hills and the lush greens create a perfect scene to shoot those viral Instagram reels, hike or trek for some thrills in the mighty Himalayan hills

Shangarh Meadows In Sainj Valley Is An Unexplored Gem

Shangarh Meadows in Sainj Valley is an offbeat place that is only about 90 sq. km in area. It is now getting the recognition it truly deserves! This place is so mesmerising and calming that you wouldn’t wanna go back to city life and even think about settling in the mountains! That is quite a high expectation from a place and it will live up to it.

You even get to witness the gorgeous Sainj River flowing gracefully. This river winds up to meet the Beas River, creating pristine and gorgeous views along the way. Interestingly, this place is also known to be the home of Pandavas, therefore it is considered holy! On another note, this particular village also welcomes couples who elope and get married against the cultural and societal norms. Look at how the tables have turned; if your religion or culture is against you Shangarh Meadows isn’t!

Shangchul Mahadev Temple Is Built On The Meadow Itself

Another attraction is the Shangchul Mahadev Temple. The meadow is surrounded by great pine trees overlooking the mighty Himalayan mountains and right near one side, you will get to see the Shangchul Mahadev Temple. You just cannot wait to snap a picture which is like a postcard image! It is so beautiful and calming.

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The exquisite wooden architecture with intricate carvings on the wood is a great manner to appreciate the craftsmanship of earlier times. Appreciate these cravings on the walls and doors and then appreciate the views from inside the temple. We are 100% sure your gallery will be filled with a plethora of beautiful pictures! Another hot spot here is Barshangarh Falls, enjoy a quick dip in the icy-cold waters of this enchanting waterfall.

The Easiest Way To Go To Shangarh Meadows

The best way to reach Shangarh Meadows in Sainj Valley is to take a local bus from Manali at just ₹150 to Aut. From Aut, you can easily get cabs to your destination. So if you are planning to explore Manali, this time go to Shangarh Meadows in Sainj Valley and enjoy its lush green meadows and beautiful scenic views.

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Heal in nature and calm your mind; keep exploring the unexplored Shangarh Meadows!

Cover Image Courtesy: X/himachal_queen

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