In Video: UAE Athletes Perform A Daredevil Stunt Above Dubai Fountain

UAE Athletes
by Yogita Chainani

If you put your heart to it, nothing is impossible. Well, the saying is quite old, but World-famous athletes Horacio Llorens and Rafael Goberna made it a point to renew this saying in their daredevil way. How do you ask? Well, the duo pulled off a stunt at the world’s largest fountain- Palm Fountain at The Pointe in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. Check out the video right away to be shocked and surprised at the same time.

UAE Athletes Pull Off A Daring Stunt And We Are Surprised

While Paragliding is an extreme sport in itself, these athletes took the difficulty level a notch higher by donning special paramotors for the event and glided so close to the Palm Fountain’s water jets they could feel them.

And if you think that this was like your regular paragliding activity, then you must know that it has taken months to plan this daring stunt. From pre-event training to engineering, intensive training sessions, and practising choreography, this one has taken it all.

Speaking about this achievement to Khaleej Times, Pilot Llorens said,

“As soon as we got the opportunity, we wanted to fly there! “The ultimate challenge is that we were flying in the night, which means low visibility. Therefore, we needed to know the area well beforehand. We also needed to know how to ‘play’ with The Palm Fountain,” he added. “With such strong streams of water shooting up- 100 metres is a lot! – we had to be prepared.”

The Stunt Looks Quite Impressive 

In terms of training, knowing the complexity of this sport, the duo conducted multiple trials runs in the Margham Desert during the day after they arrived in Dubai. Besides this, several hours of practice, failures and patience, help them achieve this unimaginable fleet.

With both sides of the Palm Fountain having different choreography, Llorens and Goberna had to study the movement of the water with great precision in order not to get caught up in the jets of water. And we must say, after looking at the video, it’s a no brainer as to how difficult this must have been.

Nevertheless, it was amazing. Have you seen something like this before?