Ind vs Pak World Cup: Ahmedabad Flight Ticket Fare Sees A Whopping 415% Surge

by Shreya Ghosh
Ind vs Pak World Cup: Ahmedabad Flight Ticket Fare Sees A Whopping 415% Surge

India is gearing up to host the most anticipated cricket tournament of the year, the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. Among all the upcoming matches played in this tournament, one of the much-awaited clashes is India vs Pakistan. Cricket enthusiasts from all around are ready to come to the venue to witness the terrific clash of this high-intensity match. The epic demand for the game is surging the price of Ahmedabad flight tickets.

Narendra Modi Stadium Is The Venue

Ahmedabad Flight Ticket
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Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium is going to stage the major match between India and Pakistan on October 14, 2023. Known as the largest cricket stadium in the world, it has a seating capacity of 134,000 audiences. There’s no doubt about cricket fans’ enthusiasm and excitement to watch this match live from the stadium. As soon as the schedule was released, hotels near the stadium and different places in Ahmedabad got booked in just a span of time. With an uncontrollable demand in searching and bookings, the price for hotels soon started seeing an exponential surge.

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Not just hotels and stays, flight tickets also reported a crazy growth in fare. It looks like the uptick in airfare in Ahmedabad is increasing even now, about 3 weeks before the India vs Pakistan World Cup match.

Ahmedabad Flight Ticket Reported An Uncontrollable Rise

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Bouncers are not only expected on the pitch but also on the pockets of spectators planning to travel to Ahmedabad to watch the match in Narendra Modi Stadium. You might be shocked to hear that flight tickets are seeing a record increase of 415 per cent of the usual airfare. The flight ticket fare to Ahmedabad can burn a huge hole in your pocket as it costs between 104 per cent and 415 per cent, according to a report by The Times of India.

Narendra Modi Stadium is not only hosting the match between India and Pakistan. The stadium is set to organise the opening match, final match, and more. Interestingly, the demand and uptick in Ahmedabad flight tickets are not reported in all these matches.

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Are you excited about the India vs Pakistan clash?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Team India (@indiancricketteam)