India Has The World’s Second Cheapest Flight – Air India Express

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
by Yashasvi Shaktawat 778

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Air India Express has been named the world’s second cheapest flight according to a website by Rome2rio.

What Is It?

Air India Express, a subsidiary airline of Air India has been ranked as the second most cheapest flight in the world. While the Air India Express has been ranked on the 2nd position, IndiGo airline is placed on the fifth position according to a study by a travel website, Rome2rio.

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What’s In It?

In a Global Flight Pricing Report prepared by Melbourne-based multinational travel planning site, Rome2rio, Air India Express has been ranked as the world’s second cheapest flight with an average $0.08 per km and IndiGo is one the fifth position with an average of $0.10 per km. Air India Express connects Indian cities with Gulf countries mostly and Singapore.

Malaysia based AirAsia X has grabbed the first position to be the world’s cheapest flight with a price per km of $0.07.

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