India Ordered Nearly 40 Million Burgers On Swiggy In A Year; Bengaluru Recorded With Over 6 Million Orders

40 million burgers in a year!!!! Now, that's a massive number.

by Shreya Ghosh
India Ordered Nearly 40 Million Burgers On Swiggy In A Year; Bengaluru Recorded With Over 6 Million Orders

It was International Burger Day yesterday. On May 28, the world celebrates this special day and gorges on juicy and cheesy burgers. It is hard to find a foodie who does not like to savour every rich and delish bite of this dish loaded with fillings. And to celebrate our love for scrumptious and thick burgers, Swiggy revealed interesting facts about India’s orders on the platform in the last year.

Bengaluru Recorded Millions Of Burger Orders On Swiggy

Swiggy Burgers
Picture credit- Canva

You might be surprised to hear that Bengalureans placed orders for over 6 million burgers in the last year. According to a report by The New Indian Express, Swiggy reported a noticeable surge in app users placing burger orders. Considering the overall numbers, Swiggy reported almost 40 million orders for this dish in a period of the past year.

Swiggy shared the latest trends in burger orders on International Burger Day 2024. Calling Bengaluru ‘the Burger Capital of India’, the food delivery platform stated order and consumption reports from different bustling Indian cities as well. From Mumbai to Chandigarh to Delhi, foodies seem to enjoy indulging in a feast of lip-smacking burgers.

Bengaluru leads the chart with the most burger orders in the last year. This city has been followed by Mumbai with around 5 million orders in the same duration. The next Indian city to enter the top 3 list is Delhi. The capital city recorded more than 3.2 million orders for burgers. Swiggy might have found the biggest burger-lover in Chandigarh. A customer ordered 1,146 burgers on Swiggy in the last year. It implies an order for around 3 burgers each day. Now that’s an eternal love for this delicacy, right?

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More Interesting Order Trends:

Swiggy Burgers
Picture credit- Canva
  • Looks like foodies craved burgers the most during dinner and midnight. These hours recorded over 19.5 million orders.
  • On the second spot, we have lunch hours. This was when customers ordered 9.6 million burgers on Swiggy.
  • During the evening snacking hours, the order count exceeded 7.4 million.
  • Fries and Coke were ordered the most as side dishes to relish.
  • The most preferred toppings were cheese dip and cheese slices.
  • Many foodies ordered unique options such as Beetroot Falafel Burger and Rajma Mexicana Burger.

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What does your usual burger order look like?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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