India-UAE Becomes The 10th Most Popular Route Globally To Celebrate Holiday Season

by Shreya Ghosh
India-UAE Becomes The 10th Most Popular Route Globally To Celebrate Holiday Season

How many people you know have been to the United Arab Emirates this year? A lot of them, right? Needless to say, the UAE has become a loved destination for tourists and visitors from different corners of the world. And the tourist footfall in this Middle Eastern country is simply humongous, especially during the holiday season. With UAE being such an exciting and stunning family destination, the India-UAE route witnessed a spike in traffic.

India-UAE Is Dominating The Global Routes This Holiday Season

Sabre Corporation is a Texas-based travel technology company and they recently released a survey analysis that focuses on the immense spike in travelling from India to the UAE. This survey states that the India-UAE route is now the 10th busiest in the entire world and a huge credit goes to the exciting fun-filled holiday season. This country has a plethora of places to explore and experiences to enjoy, making it a favourite destination.

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Dubai Airport Witnessed A Large Influx Of Tourists

Among millions and millions of overseas tourists jetting off to Dubai to explore and travel, the Dubai airport saw a humongous number of Indian tourists. Starting from January 2022 to September 2022, the Dubai airport recorded around 6.8 million flyers from India.

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Tourists are all set to travel to UAE during the holiday season because of different reasons. The first is the amazing weather in the winter season, it is simply perfect to explore. Also, Dubai Shopping Festival during this time is a paradise for shopaholics.

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The Busiest Routes In This Holiday Season:

  • US-Mexico
  • South Korea-Japan
  • Canada-US
  • US-Dominican Republic
  • South Korea-Vietnam
  • UK-US
  • US-Jamaica
  • South Korea-Thailand
  • Canada-Mexico
  • India-UAE

If you are also flying to the UAE this festive season, let us know your travel experiences.

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