Indian Coast Guards With DRI Seize 33 Kg Of Gold Worth ₹20 Crore From Gulf Of Mannar

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Indian Coast Guards With DRI Seize 33 Kg Of Gold Worth ₹20 Crore From Gulf Of Mannar

The Indian Coast Guard launched a joint operation with the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) in order to retrieve smuggled gold underwater. They seized about 32.689 kg of gold worth approximately 20.2 crore. This gold was being carried in two fishing boats, and the smugglers then dumped it into the sea. This operation to retrieve gold from underwater took place in the Gulf of Mannar area of Tamil Nadu. 

Indian Officials Retrieve Gold From Gulf Of Mannar

The Indian Coast Guard and DRI together successfully seized 32.689 kg of gold worth approximately ₹20.2 crore  from the Gulf of Mannar. 

The consignment was being smuggled from Sri Lanka to India, according to a special input from DRi. Keeping this input in mind, a special operation was launched. The joint team kept a very close eye on all the vessels near the Indo-Sri Lanka International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL). 

On May 30, the joint team of the Indian Coast Guard and DRI saw a suspicious fishing boat reaching the Mandapam fishing harbour. When they were chased, the smugglers threw the consignment into the sea. The boat was then seized, and three suspects were arrested. (As per The Free press Journal)

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Another Boat Carried Gold With 2 Suspects’

gold smuggler
credits: @indiancoastguard/Twitter

While the joint team was chasing the fishing boat with smugglers, simultaneously, a major diving operation was launched. This operation was launched to retrieve the gold that was thrown into the sea. 

After two days, the Indian Coast Guard team, along with two local divers, finally retrieved the smuggled gold. This included gold bars weighing 11.600 kg.

A separate team was behind another suspicious boat off the coast of southern Mandapam. It carried about 21.269 kg of smuggled gold and was seized along with two suspects. 

The suspects are currently in the custody of DRI for further legal action. 

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Cover Image Courtesy: @indiancoastguard/Twitter