Indian Men Take Their Tharak To Canada’s Nude Beaches And Make Women Uncomfortable By Ogling And Filming; Reddit Thread

A Redditor took to the subreddit 'Canada Mass Immigration' to state how Indian men have the nude beach.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Indian Men Take Their Tharak To Canada’s Nude Beaches And Make Women Uncomfortable By Ogling And Filming; Reddit Thread

Wreck Beach is a popular nude beach in Canada where beachgoers can freely roam around in their birthday suits. However, recently a Redditor posted on the subreddit ‘Canada Mass Immigration’ about groups of fully-clothed Indian men ogling and even filming women at Canada’s nude beaches.

Indian Men Are Ogling & Filming Women At Canada’s Nude Beaches

A Redditor @ took to the subreddit ‘Canada Mass Immigration’ to state how Indian men have the nude beach. The Netizen explains that Canada has a famous nude beach frequented by hippies and au-naturel sunbathers since the 1970s. The local said his girlfriend doesn’t want to visit this beach anymore as large groups of fully dressed Indian men sit around “staring and ogling” at women.

Groups of indian men have ruined the nude beach
byu/enchedudu2 inkopitiam

The men are seen wearing jeans, sweaters and shoes and creepily staring at nude sunbathers. Not just staring, the Redditor states that many would film women and even hit on them when they are alone and naked. Furthermore, @ explains that that many more Canadians share the same sentiment. And the person has seen many more similar posts on the city’s subreddit last year. This makes Redditors sad as it’s beach season and people don’t feel safe visiting Canada’s famous nude beach.

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Redditors Raise Safety Concerns At Wreck Beach

Moreover, the Netizen says that it’s not like they don’t expect men to look at naked women. “It’s a human experience”, the Redditor explains. However, what angers this person is that large groups of men visit the beach with the sole purpose of ogling at women and filming them. And the Redditor strongly condemns this.

Something has happened to Wreck Beach [SAFETY]
byu/coconutshark invancouver

A year back, a woman who was a constant at Wreck Beach mentioned feeling unsafe due to groups of young men ogling and filming women. “I have never felt so unsafe, so exposed and so uncomfortable,” she mentioned. She also noticed phone cameras popping out of pant pockets and couldn’t unsee the whole thing. Many slammed beachgoers at Wreck for their insensitivity. Another said how his girlfriend and her friend were followed by a group of “brown men”. They had to scream loudly to get help.

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Well, it’s unfortunate that the popular Canadian beach is being frequented by people for all the wrong reasons. Women’s safety is paramount.

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