Indian Railways Builds Contactless Cubicles For Doctors To Treat Coronavirus Patients

by Sanjana Shenoy

Indian Railways might not be functioning currently, nevertheless it works constantly to help the country in this war against coronavirus. Indian Railways converted some of its old coaches into isolation wards for COVID-19 patients. Their tireless efforts were lauded by PM Modi. Now the latest news suggests that Indian Railways has built contactless cubicles for doctors to treat coronavirus patients. This is great news, as doctors will have fewer chances of contracting the virus from patients.

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What’s In It?

The South Western Railway zone’s Hubballi Workshop came up with an innovative plan to prevent the spread of coronavirus. They created contactless cubicles for doctors and medical professionals. With these contactless cubicles, doctors examining suspected COVID-19 patients will not have to come in direct physical contact with them. In spite of maintaining the protocol; in hospitals as per the medical guidelines, medical professionals testing people who might have been infected by the deadly virus are prone to catch the infection. Since the last few days, there have been plenty of cases of doctors treating coronavirus patients, and then catching the infection themselves. In this manner, the threat of spreading the novel coronavirus is compounded.

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The press release issued by the South Western Railway zone informed the development of the transparent contactless cubicles by the Hubballi Workshop. These cubicles can be used by the doctors to stay isolated with the patient while protecting themselves from getting infected by the virus. Once each medical test is done, the gloves that protrude out of the contactless cubicle will also be changed. Both the exterior and interior of the chamber will be sanitized. The Hubballi Workshop manufactured the transparent cubicles and Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs). These will safeguard both the doctors and nurses who are frontline warriors in the fight against the novel Coronavirus epidemic, so they can continue the serve the nation in the hour of need, as per the press release of the South Western Railway zone.

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What’s More?

A few days ago, the Coach Rehabilitation Workshop in Bhopal, under the West Central Railway zone built a developed a mobile booth called CHARAK.  This booth makes zero contact checkups a reality in light of the coronavirus pandemic. It also assures the well being of doctors and medical professionals, keeping them safe from contracting the infection. The best part about this mobile booth is that it can be easily transported to rural and remote areas. It can move within 500m area by hand transport. CHARAK is an economical and low-cost barrier for medical professionals dealing with coronavirus patients. We laud the developments made by Indian Railways, as this is undoubtedly the need of the hour. Did you know Sikkim Is The Only Indian State With Zero Coronavirus Cases Till Now?