Indian Tourists Will Soon Be Able To Visit Sri Lanka Without A Travel Visa

by Kritika Kukreja
Indian Tourists Will Soon Be Able To Visit Sri Lanka Without A Travel Visa

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Since Sri Lanka has highest number of tourists from India and China, the Sri Lankan government is planning to grant a visa-free entry to them!

What Is It?

The Sri Lankan government has realized the fact that most tourists come from India and China to Sri Lanka. In this case, the tourism minister is considering to grant a visa-free entry to Indians and Chinese tourists. But there’s a catch here as well! The grant will be valid only in the months of October & November and March & April (off-season tourism). This is also keeping in mind the growth rates with and without the free visa grant. If the tourism in Sri Lanka enhances with this grant, they will look into expanding it to European and West Asian nations too. 

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What Else?

The tourist arrivals to Sri Lanka from India and China have shown a rise of 15% over the last year. Currently, Seychelles, Singapore and Maldives have a visa-free entry to Sri Lanka, which will be expanded soon. On the India front, Indians can now travel to 58 countries visa-free including Thailand, Mauritius, Indonesia, El Salvador, Maldives and more. 

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