Indians Choose Their Holiday Destination Based On Cuisine

by Kritika Kukreja
Indians Choose Their Holiday Destination Based On Cuisine

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We love food so much that we want think about it everywhere we go! In a recent survey, 67% of Indians decide their vacation spot based on the cuisine of the destination. 

What Is It?

While deciding the next vacation destination, 67% of Indians thought about the cuisine of the place, 24% sought out for the culture and people, 17% looked for adventure and activities and 13% looked for nightlife scenes. As we can tell, we Indians love our food and now we’re deciding our holidays based on it too! Italy, USA and Singapore came up as the top spots for Indian foodies to take a vacation at.

In a survey conducted in March 2018, the younger generation is proactive about taking vacations and enjoying the local delicacies of the holiday destinations and that’s why they pick out destinations based on foods they like. 

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What Are The Prefered Foods? 

Due to the influence of social media, 46% opted for pastas and pizzas (US and Italy), followed by burgers, beers and noodles. For Indians, travel isn’t only an opportunity to explore but also enjoying local foods had become a priority. It’s a unique way of experiencing all things good, which typically involves food.

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