India’s First Dark Sky Reserve To Come Up In Ladakh For Stargazing

by Shreya Ghosh
India’s First Dark Sky Reserve To Come Up In Ladakh For Stargazing

Ladakh is one of the most explored Indian destinations in recent times. Its scenic beauty, magnificent landscapes, valleys, meadows, mountains, lakes, and pleasant weather are attracting travellers from all over the world. And now to amp up the tourism here, India’s first dark sky reserve will soon be developed in Ladakh. Hanle village will soon host the iconic dark sky reserve for Astro-tourism.

Ladakh Will Soon Be The Home To India’s First Dark Sky Reserve

Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Ladakh Union Territory Administration, and Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council teamed up for a tripartite agreement and develop the stunning ‘Dark Sky Sanctuary’ here. Hanle village is standing at an altitude of almost 14108 feet. This Ladakh village is one of the highest points all around the world for stargazing and this is the reason behind developing the reserve at such a magnificent place. The dark sky reserve will be built in the Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Hanle Village Is The Perfect Destination

Apart from nestling at such an extreme altitude, Ladakh is a great destination for such a massive development as it is a cold desert. The weather in the Hanle village remains dry mostly and boasts a pristine environment. The sky gets cloudy hardly at night and the dark magnificent night sky will be cheery on top for gazing at the stars and lying down. The weather, the climate, and the stunning sky will help to stargaze and observe the astronomical magic in peace without any interruptions.

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The aim of this project is for protecting the sky from any pollution and boost Astro-tourism. Residents of Hanle village and nearby, and tourists will have to follow rules and regulations for the dark sky reserve. Every guideline’s motive is to protect the place and sky from pollution.