India’s First Waffle Bhel In Surat Drowns In Chocolates Sauces; Netizens Say, “Diabetes In A Bowl”

A video of a street food vendor preparing Waffle Bhel has gone viral on the Internet. But Netizens aren't impressed.

by Sanjana Shenoy
India’s First Waffle Bhel In Surat Drowns In Chocolates Sauces; Netizens Say, “Diabetes In A Bowl”

Bhel puri, a popular street food snack made of puffed rice, chopped veggies, spices and chutneys is enjoyed across India. But did you know there’s actually a sweet version of bhel and that’s Waffle Bhel! Launched by a street food stall in Surat, Waffle Bhel promises to give you a chocolate coma as this dish doesn’t swim but rather drowns in chocolate sauces. And Netizens have called it “diabetes in a bowl”.

Surat-Based Street Food Vendor Prepares Waffle Bhel Loaded With Chocolate Sauces

Nagpur-based blogger, Sanskar Khemani shared a video of a street vendor in Surat preparing waffle bhel In the video, a woman from Rock n Roll Waffles says that they are the first to introduce India to waffle bhel. To prepare this unique dish, the woman first pours chocolate batter and red velvet batter into the waffle maker.

To prepare a half plate of waffle bhel, she breaks down a piece of waffle into small bite-sized pieces using a pair of scissors. Next, she pours oodles of dark chocolate sauce, milk chocolate sauce, Nutella sauce and white chocolate sauce over the waffle pieces. Then, the woman adds colourful sprinkles, chocolate chips, Kitkat shaving and Oreo bits. A big scoop of vanilla ice cream goes atop the dessert. She finishes the dish with chocolate sauce. The waffle bhel is priced at ₹100 ( for half a plate) and an additional ₹30 for ice cream.

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Netizens Slam The Dish & Call It “Diabetes In A Bowl”

Rock n Roll Waffles prepares its own chocolate sauces from scratch and the food truck doesn’t use oil in its desserts. However, the humongous quantities of chocolate sauces over the waffle bites didn’t go unnoticed. Many Instagrammers slammed the Surat-based eatery’s waffle bhel for serving “diabetes in a bowl”.

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@itzz.faisal_5050 sarcastically comments, “She invented diabetes type 3”. @manitian07 states, “And there is your 1500 calories”. @shwetankshukla17 says, “This is why Africans make fun of our street food.” @thisissonam.rajput points out, “Unfortunately,sugar and cheese are having so much influence on some people that they have been forgot that excess of certain foods can cause severe damage to human body!!” @sakshi_n_sharma quips, “This much of sugar is not good”. 

Meanwhile, what do you think of this waffle bhel? Will you ever dare to try this chocolate and sugar-overloaded dish?

Cover Image Courtesy: @sanskarkhemani/ Instagram

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