India’s Travel Expenditure Set For A 13% Increase By 2021

by Madhusree Chatragadda 513

Under 140 Characters

Who doesn’t love to travel?! We Indians can’t be left far behind either when it comes to that! Which directly leads to an increase in our expenditure.


Credits: Livemint

What Is It?

Around 2 billion international and domestic trips were undertaken in 2018 by us Indians! That’s a lot of travel indeed. Guess how much we spent? A whopping $94 billion!


Credits: Business Insider India

And there’s no stopping, this expenditure is to go up to an insane $139 billion by 2021, no kidding. The report was released by Brain & Company along with Google India, yesterday.

What’s More?

Due to a boom in online payments and bookings regarding travel, we are to incur an additional expense of $24 billion.


So where are you heading this year?!