IndiGo’s Delhi-Kolkata Flight Declares Mayday After False Smoke Alarm Triggers

by Sushmita Mahanta
IndiGo’s Delhi-Kolkata Flight Declares Mayday After False Smoke Alarm Triggers

In the past few months, the Airline Industry has been facing a lot of issues, mostly involving various airlines facing technical glitches. And this time a piece of similar news has come from IndiGo. An IndiGo Delhi-Kolkata flight made an emergency landing at Kolkata on Sunday afternoon following a false smoke alarm in the cargo. Pilots of the flight declared ‘May Day’ and asked the Kolkata Air Traffic Control (ATC) for an emergency landing after the warning. The ATC alerted the airport fire brigade for a safe landing for the IndiGo flight 6E-2513 carrying 165 passengers. After inspections, it was revealed that the alarm was false and the IndiGo flight flew to Varanasi later in the afternoon. Read on to know more details about the incident on IndiGo’s Delhi-Kolkata flight.

The Delhi-Kolkata Flight Pilots Followed All The Prescribed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Before Landing

The Airlines revealed that all the prescribed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were followed by the Delhi-Kolkata flight pilots before landing. “The pilots followed their SOPs and prioritised the landing at Kolkata. Post-arrival necessary inspections were carried out. The warning was confirmed as spurious. Necessary rectifications on the detection are in progress,” said IndiGo in a statement. Speaking on the initial May Day declaration, DGCA chief Arun Kumar revealed to news agency PTI that the pilots of IndiGo’s Delhi-Kolkata flight declared ‘May Day’ suspecting smoke in the cargo hold. Later, they canceled the ‘May Day’ call and the flight landed safely and it was a fake warning.

Delhi-Kolkata flight

All Passengers Are Safe

On August 21, IndiGo’s Delhi-Kolkata flight 6E-2513 (VT-IJA) experienced a false cargo smoke alarm before landing. Later after the issue got sorted, the flight made a safe landing. According to sources, all passengers are safe and there are no reports of any passenger injuries. IndiGo’s statement also revealed that the necessary rectifications of the detection system are already in progress.
The pilots of IndiGo’s Delhi-Kolkata flight 6E-2513 (VT-IJA) earlier called for a May Day which was later called off. May Day is declared when there is distress or a life-threatening emergency, usually on a ship or aircraft. Once declared, there are preparations for emergency landing of the flight at the airport.

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