Indulge In 56 Types Of Buttery Kulchas In Chandigarh

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Indulge In 56 Types Of Buttery Kulchas In Chandigarh

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Bansal Amritsari Kulchas in Chandigarh dishes out 56 types of buttery kulchas to indulge in.

What Is It?

Bansal Amritsari Kulchas located in MDC Market is a home for all the kulcha lovers in Chandigarh. The kulchas are layered with desi ghee and taste absolutely divine for a sinful ‘Kulcha indulgence’.

What’s In It?

There are varieties like aloo, pyaaz, paneer, matar, cheese, gobhi, kheema, onion and more. All the dough used to make the kulchas is 6 layered and filled with desi ghee.

They provide 100% wheat dough kulchas, just like the ones in Lahore. We highly recommend the Spl Chur Chur Garlic Kulcha that is stuffed with the goodness of garlic and ghee.

You can also try Mushroom Kulcha that comes with chunks of mushrooms. All the kulchas are served with loads of butter and served with chole. The spice from the chole goes perfectly well with the scrumptious kulchas. Use the tub full of butter provided along with the chole kulche for the perfect taste.

Lose yourself in this kulcha ‘chappan bhog’.


Address: Bansal Amritsari Food Street, SCF 3, Sector 4, IT park road, MDC, Panchkula
Phone+91 9876663300, +91 9988971421
Cost for two: ₹250