Influencer Talks About Phuket Restaurant And How It Proves That Thai Hospitality Is The Warmest

by Shreya Rathod
Influencer Talks About Phuket Restaurant And How It Proves That Thai Hospitality Is The Warmest

Thailand is one of the most visited countries and is known for its hospitality. From tropical beaches to royal palaces, you will find the country blessed with diversity! But why do people love visiting Thailand? Well, Instagram influencer, Freddy Birdy, has an answer for that! Take a look at him dining at a restaurant in Phuket and share a glimpse of Thai hospitality.

Freddy Birdy Narrates His Experience Of Dining At A Restaurant In Thailand’s Phuket


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Instagram influencer Freddy Birdy shares a post stating an experience of visiting Thailand. In his post, he wrote that every restaurant in Phuket starts to shut at 10 pm. However, at Khun Yaa Seafood, things were peaking! He further states that an elderly man greets him as if he was one of the regulars. He points out that this is a prime example of “Thai hospitality”.

He further described that the night was warm, and there was a faint aroma of frangipani in the air. Additionally, the air smelled of car exhaust and hot sea winds. The influencer sat with a hot bowl of noodles in prawn broth.

The owner of the restaurant came over to him and explained how to use condiments, and handed the influencer a plate of rambutan. There is seafood rice with razor clams, squid and prawns to try next! He further quotes “And people ask why he loves Thailand so much”.

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Thai Hospitality Is The Warmest!

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Thailand is known as the “Land Of Smiles” and is known to offer a friendly environment to tourists. The locals are known for welcoming tourists with open arms. Since the country’s economy depends on the tourism industry, you will find a large number of hotels, resorts, homestays, restaurants and other tourism essential services.

The food and beverage industry in the country also offers a variety of flavourful dishes. From high-end restaurants to street food, you will be able to relish both modern and traditional dishes. Words like ‘friendly’ and ‘helpful’ are often used to describe Thai hospitality. Thailand is a must-visit place, thanks to its landscape, history and warm-hearted people!

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