IRCTC To Build First Pod Hotel At Mumbai Central Railway Station

You might have heard of the popular Japanese based pod hotels. Pod hotels or capsule hotels were first established in Osaka in the late 1970s in the heart of the city. This was made so white-collar employees could rest their weary bodies in a tiny pod having basic facilities like a Tv and alarm clock before they got back to work. The affordable accommodation for travellers made this a popular concept. And now the pod has reached the heart of India, Mumbai. Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) will build its first pod hotel at the Mumbai Central Station by December 2020. There will be multiple small yet ultra-modern pods or capsules to provide overnight accommodation to wear passengers.

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What’s In It?

An IRCTC official stated to a reputed news agency that the pod hotel will be cheaper than the currently available retiring rooms. The Mumbai Central Railway Station will witness the construction of 30 pods as tenders have been given already by the catering and e-ticketing arms of IRCTC.

IRCTC is aiming to launch these pod hotels by December 2020 and the tendering process for the construction of these pods have begun. Within six months of the finalization of the tender, the pods will be developed. When it comes to the designs and specifications of the pods or capsules, they will be similar to India’s first pod hotel, privately run in Andheri since 2017.

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What’s More?

Passengers can stay at these pod hotels for up to 12 hours. And these pods will be divided into 2 categories- Classic and Suite. The Classic pod will be equipped with baggage space, charging sockets and lockers. The Suite pods will have a large bed for two passengers, Wi-Fi service and personal lockers. Apart from these facilities, the IRCTC pod hotel will also impress passengers with its changing areas, washrooms, lounge area and even a cafeteria. The construction of the first pod hotel at Mumbai Central Railway Station was planned by IRCTC from the year 2018. Well, we are glad that this plan is finally getting into action. Did you know there is a Star Wars Like Space Pod Hostel In Iceland?

Sanjana Shenoy
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