Is Nepal A Safe Country To Fly To? This 11th Plane Crash Raises Questions About It

by Shreya Rathod
Is Nepal A Safe Country To Fly To? This 11th Plane Crash Raises Questions About It

Nepal, the beautiful Himalayan country, is making headlines again. This time another plane crash happened while landing at Pokhara airport. There were seventy-two passengers on this flight, including five Indian nationals and four crew members. Out of which, an estimated sixty-eight people have lost their lives. No matter how tragic the accident was, it isn’t a new occurrence for Nepal and its air transport sector. Here are some shocking facts that raise questions about whether Nepal is a safe country to fly to.

Nepal’s Air Safety Is Questionable

nepal plane crash
Credits: Wikimedia

A beautiful country with majestic mountains is failing to ensure the safety of people flying there. The recent aeroplane crash in Nepal was tragic but a common accident for them. Now isn’t that a mystery? Well, Nepal’s topography is rocky, which makes their runways challenging for pilots to tackle. Moreover, these runways are tricky and flanked by mountains. Thus, making it one of the trickiest regions to fly to. In addition to this, the weather in this Himalayan country is a big challenge.

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With developing technologies, Nepal’s air transport sector has boomed in the last few years. However, they have neglected basic safety measures, maintenance and training. In fact, the European Union has banned Nepal’s aircraft from its airspace.

Nepal Plane Crash Over The Years

In addition to the recent Yeti Airline plane crash, Nepal has seen a pattern of such tragic incidents. Among them is the Tara Air plane crash on the 29th of May 2022, where twenty-two people lost their lives. Also, the Summit Air accident in April 2019, where three onboarding crew members died.

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These were some of the examples that highlight the air transport conditions in Nepal. Negligence towards taking basic safety measures has led to the loss of lives of many people and affected numerous families, as well.

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